Wednesday, 5 April 2017

The Diva

It was a tiring day yet sleep eluded Meera. She couldn't sleep because today again those old thoughts came haunting her.

Meera Sen a young, ambitious, independent cosmopolitan girl, well read, well traveled, intelligent having a mind of her own. She is happy, a person with an amiable persona spreading the cheer wherever she went.

Her father is proud of the way she has taken charge of the business in the last 5 years. Meera didn't just learn everything on the job but she was able to bring in some new clients as well as helped in nurturing a new venture which no one thought could be a part of the organisation. Meera worked hard on it and it is now a successful individually thriving segment.

But Meera being a learner at every stage of her life never considered it an end to all. For her it was just what was supposed to be done as the journey had just begun. She knew it was never ending and maybe that was the biggest thrill in her life.

She devoted all her time and energy on work and she never regretted it. She loved her work it was her identity, the first thing she will proudly talk about when asked about herself. She was so engrossed in her work that she seldom thought about going out apart from Sundays and even not on Sundays if she had work and so her friends were few but it never bothered her as she had so much to do and so less just a 24 hours a day.

What troubled her today was one of aunt came over and again had the same chit chat with her mother, about Meera’s marriage. Meera was 32 and still single, her qualifications had rendered her unable to find a good prospective groom or was it her looks. She was slender, fair, long black hair touching down her waist, everything as per the matrimonial ads but short… and this was the main concern of everyone around.

It had hurt her always and still does when people don't talk about her achievements, her work but her looks. It saddened her, pushed her to achieve more and more because her achievements were still falling short of her short height. She wanted people to acknowledge her by her work and her efforts and her knowledge and of her as a person beyond what she looked like or dressed like.

For herself, Meera was the Diva. She managed her father's business singlehandedly and was setting new milestones ahead. She knew there were many in the business who did admire the Diva!! They looked upon her, envied her and wanted to be in her place. But all fails when the very same people ask her or look down upon her as she was still single.  People perhaps considered she had a vacuum in her life when Meera never felt so.

But again tonight it despite getting another good deal which had made her happy and glee a while back she was sobbing slowly in her bed.


  1. Same story everywhere in our society, isn't it? Fair, slim, and tall. Her achievements in life don't quite matter.
    Happy AtoZing though!
    Chicky @

  2. This is so sad! Our society needs one thing or the other and still no satisfied! If a girl is too short or too long or too fair or too much educated or too less educated etc etc etc! There is no stop to it! One is fat, the other is short. And when she's perfect, there is something else they'll come up with!!
    I too wrote on a similar topic for the alphabet A-Arranged Marriage!


  3. Ohh - why can't the aunts keep to themselves!!
    Twinkling Tina Cooks
    Tina Basu