Monday, 4 November 2013

Love you my friends...xoxo

I never thought that I was a destiny’s child until now.

My mom and dad always keep on preaching that always carry cash more than you need because you don’t know when you’ll need it. And I have been on spontaneous shopping sprees direct from office and then find something amazing but out of cash. Yet I get to buy things WHY and HOW because I always had some very good people as my friends.

When I was in school one of my best buddies was the cashier of our gang. None of us used to get money every day to school but almost more than once a week wanted to eat from the canteen. And our dear friend used to always have cash to give any of the four of us. She had always been independent way before the years and till date I think I need to grow up to be there where she is.

I started working and despite all office politics and jealousy again there was another person who was there to accompany me wherever and whenever I wanted to ferry. We got to go so many places and again every time I was assured that she is there to take care of me. Maybe we were destined to meet and be friends forever as we crossed ways at several places- graduation college, a sudden meet at a bank, some meetings around the city and finally back together at work and finally closer.

Another work place and another atmosphere and kind of people but maybe I am really lucky to again find that special girl to be friends with. And it was two days back that she made me realise that how lucky I am to have all these girls in my life.

Don’t get me wrong but the reason why I am equating friendship with money is that I believe true friendship is tested best in tiring times. With God’s grace these have been the testing times for me. In today’s world when people don’t even trust their loved ones with money trusting a third person in itself proves how much love one has for you in their heart. And only a beautiful soul can do so which is still going strong despite the bitterness the world throws.

I have restored my faith in God and more on the Karma...

”Do good and good you will receive...Be good and goodness you will receive” xoxo