Thursday, 29 November 2018

Book review : Why I burn like an Oak By Pankaj Kumar


I was on a business trip when I was introduced to the author - Pankaj Kumar and his family by a friend.

It was a chance meeting at a cafe where she introduced both of us as "Author Kadambari meet Author Pankaj Kumar" an amazing ice-breaker it was. After that we sat for almost 3 hours talking about books and writing.

It was in this meeting that I got to know that Pankaj and his wife love reading and he has recently published - "Why I burn like an Oak"

Pankaj Kumar being a retired army officer, and the book is based on the life of army personnel made me pick the book instantly.

Though we discussed about books, we never discussed any fine details about this book in particular.
I had my assumptions as I sat reading thinking it to be a war based or strategy based book. But as mostly I hear these days assumptions are nothing but assumptions. This one is a love story. 

Sameer, is an army officer and sent to deliver the news of demise of his colleague and friend - Aryan, to his beloved - Sara.

The book revolves around these two characters and how this one meeting sets their life into a new direction.

I am an emotional and romantic person and love reading romance.

This story brings one closer to life and emotions. It is a sweet simple love story and rekindles one's belief that love conquers all.

The storyline is captivating and holds one to the end. The author has used poems too, which renders it all the more touching.

With some editing and grammatical errors, for the story and characterization and been the surprise package I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5.

Book Blurb - Sara had never imagined that she would ever fall in love with Aryan. How could she, wasnt he dead? Sameer was caught between love and loyalty. They both will lead you to the place no one treads on their own will. To the gates of heaven.

About The Author - Pankaj Kumar is a retired army officer, now into full time writing. He has a collection of short stories to his credit and a second novel, - CAUGHT IN AVALANCHE. He lives in Bhopal and works at BORL. Gardening and Poetry are his passion.

Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Beginners guide to organize life

I don't know how people manage so many things?

Why don't I get time?

There's so much to do and so less time?

If I work on professional life my personal life suffers, if I work on personal life, the professional life suffers.

I plan my day seldom get through the implementation.

I delegate yet I am overwhelmed.

You, me, all of us have struggled with some or all of these questions at one point or the other.
Some days we are at our productive best and some days we just let life pass us by.

I know all of this sounds familiar and you have read, researched and followed too many of such things with bare minimum progress.

This is the reason I want to share my struggle with planning, implementation and organizing and how I made things work for me as opposed to me working according to them.

In a series of posts, I'll be sharing step by step or How tos, to organizing your life.

And trust me when I say, it is for beginners, we'll start from the very basic.

Honestly how many of us organize or plan our days? We have our jobs/offices/houses to manage and 'n' number of chores to perform. We do things and keep doing things but seldom write on what we did for how long or if we intended to do something did we finish it or if something could be done in a better fashion. Write and analyse to make things better.

So Dear Beginner, let's begin!

For the coming 15 days observe yourself and how you spent your day.

And chronicle these 15 days. For this, you need a diary or a laptop. I specifically ruled out phone as I want us all to work on the bigger picture.

Now, take a fresh page in the diary or let's work on the Spreadsheet for the laptop.

For the diary, one page per day and for the spreadsheet one column for a day, mentioning the date and day.

Divide the entire page into sections of every hour from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep.

A spreadsheet will look like this - 

Everyday take out some time to sit and write what all you did in that particular hour of the day. Mention as many details as you can. You can keep doing it all through the day as well.

Doing this in itself is going to give you an insight into your day. We will meet after 15 days to go further, to analyse our day-to-day life and organise it better.

Every alternate Wednesday is dedicated to stories or instances or learnings that I learn or implement at work. So stay tuned for #WorkWednesdays

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Life of Kia - Page 2

Pehla Nasha..
Pehla khumar.
Naya pyaar hai...
Naya intezaar.

As Kia was flipping through TV channels this song made her halt. It was one of her favorites.

She switched off the TV and opened her mobile, she wanted to listen to the song from the beginning.
Though the song was one of her favorites, it also reminded her, of him.

Kia was not keeping well since a few days. So his school friend - Aman insisted that he drops her to office for the time being as he lived a few blocks from Kia's house.

Aman and Kia were not very close friends but they understood each other well. They had seen each other through ups and downs, being happy and sad. Theirs was a love-hate relationship. There were days they'll talk like inseparable people and days when will get angry over the other over trivial issues.

Kia found a comfort in Aman, one place she could be herself always. Despite the fights and arguments she could never hate him for long. What Aman thought of Kia was always a mystery to her.

She knew he liked her but he never said anything. He cared for her but he cared for everyone around as well. He flirted with her but same was his conduct with a few other friends.

At times she felt, he was just plain controlling himself from showing his true feelings. Aman's parents had got him engaged 2 years back. His fiancee's grandmother was not keeping well and hence they had postponed their wedding.

Aman and Kia never much spoke about his personal life. Kia used to feel distant whenever he spoke about it and hence she avoided such communication.

One day while Aman was dropping off Kia to office, they were in midst of one such conversation. Aman's fiancee was not well. Aman didn't go into details, probably he knew Kia's interests.

Kia just kept nodding as he spoke. Kia never wanted to appear rude to him. At times she could actually see him struggle through his life, fullfilling his family expectations and hence she never took an initiative. She didn't want to trouble him further. 

At the same time the radio in the car played the same song - pehla Nasha and the first few lines were....

Chahe tum kuch na kaho
Maine sunn liya....
Ki saathi pyaar ka
Mujhe chunn liya....

Kia just heard those lines and stared out of the window. At times songs say what one can never say. She tried looking at Aman, he was too, looking out of the window on his side.

She was lost in her thoughts. The song was her feelings and as she looked at him, she wished those were his as well.

This song and the way they both were looking away from each other, she wanted to hold onto this moment forever. All through the song she kept looking out of the window.

Even today, she just wanted to listen to the first part of the song on and on and on, for two days later it is Aman's wedding with his fiance.