Saturday, 19 December 2015

That one rainy day......................#socialsaturday #blogchatter

WOW!!!! What a drizzle......I love rains and I just can’t understand why people make so much hustle when it rains especially when it is just out of the blue like today in the month of December.
It is such a beautiful feeling to see water all around. The best part is sleeping to the pitter-patter of rains ...much much soothing than any lullaby.
It’s 6 a.m. and it rained, not drizzled, the night long and still going on. In the darkness of night I didn't have the chance to see through my 3rd floor apartment so I decided to peek out now. OMG!!!!! The building right in front of ours is sunk till first floor.........I panicked and rushed to my MOM’s room and woke her up. When we got to the balcony, again the sight was scary. There was water all around almost touching the buildings 1st floor and seemed is crawling up fast.
I rushed to 1st floor of our building where my cousins’ stay and water had seeped in our building corridors, it was knee-high already. I banged on my cousins’ door and when my aunt came out she was horrified on crossing the entire hall full of water. It was almost impossible to calm her down as she was going berserk looking the condition of her flat. Somehow we got her and my cousins upstairs along with some gadgets that we could move and asked the neighbors to come upstairs too. The rains are not ready to stop and what always was beautiful to me is becoming a nightmare.
Finally after two days of incessant rains, the clouds have retreated. Slowly the water is descending from the corridors. The relief is not at all pacifying as the fear of it starting again is huge. My aunt is in a very bad state as almost the entire 1st floor had submerged in water and all their furniture, TV etc are soaked.

When my friends used to chide me over going gung-ho about non-seasonal rains telling me the plight of farmers I never took them seriously and actually thought they have become too sullen by this world and forgot to have fun. Today when I saw so much loss so close, I realised what must be the pain of a farmer who has lost all his hard work of sowing, taking care of the crop and just when it is ready for harvest...BOOM.
The pain, the hurt is ineffable and nothing can ever soothe it. But today as I decide, I urge one and all to understand the farmer’s plight. Just imagine you decide onto curb all your needs and wants for a better future and now you don’t even have the basics.

I have decided to help the farmers in plight as much as I can by way of Govt. Aids in cash + kind. Please do your bit as well in any way that you can because EVERYTHING DONE BY HEART TOUCHES A HEART.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What i cannot do without #blogchatter #prompt

Ever wondered what is that thing/things without which you just cannot sustain?? I know many things must be coming to your mind like
Food etc etc.....

Or some may wander beyond things like
Knowledge etc etc....

Or the people we are dependent on
Kids etc etc

When I sat down to think what I cannot do without almost all of these came to my mind. It made me think I am sucha crazy materialistic senti kid. It was then that I zeroed onto someone real specific. Someone who
@ helps me first to understand the problem, come with a solution and take corrective steps to ensure that it is not repeated.
@ teases me to make things light but stands in front of me if someone else starts getting hurtful.
@ gives words to my scattered thoughts.
@ makes me learn by experimenting.
@ pushes me to think
@ sets benchmark on working constantly and consistently
@ asks to think positive
@ to understand people and their capabilities
@ to read between the lines
@ teaches me to exemplify by my actions
@ overall moulds me into a better person

Almost all of my life that I have lived till date I always searched for one. But it was this prompt that made me understand that I have found him, maybe not exactly like I had in my mind but exactly like it should have been. WHAT I CANNOT DO WITHOUT Is -- "My Mentor". He is my mentor and whatever I am today has been because of him and maybe I won't be able to grow better sans him

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Aagaz ho-------

When I was younger being one of the lucky ones to be on the leaner side of the weight meter I always thought I was fat. I ate whatever I wanted and made an extra effort that it never showed on my body with my favourite exercise -Walking.

Now I am 30 and don't know how
The cheeks got chubbier
legs started looking stout
Waistline gave way to love handles
And everytime I try to ignore it in a wave I can't ignore the extra bulge waving back from my arm.

As the last month of the year has approached and another year is going to add on to my age 😁 its decided I need to lose weight.... Nah!!  INCHES... INCHES it is.

Starting today I am going to watch what I eat and maybe jog or walk or dance a bit. Why I am writing this is because on retrospection I found this saga started way back in 2011 and laziness is the main culprit for taking 4 years to make me notice.

So now when everyone around is motivating me on looking good with this extra bounce I am going on Self Motivation track and lose inch by inch.

Been my-phone+wifi lover, I did a lot of research on losing it (sans doing it...) and found writing and making people know that you are upto losing weight is a great way to keep you at it. In short it's good to keep a diary of what you eat and what you don't, whether you move that butt or don't.

I think it's a good idea to have a diary and better one, an online diary as it helps me achieving two things
1) It'll help me motivate myself to exercise and
2) To write....Maybe daily

So Aagaz ho ---------
                            Stand up BUM!!

So to start with, the body measurements are done...and I am not giving you the stats. As I am working 6 days a week 10 hours everyday that too a desk job I know I'll have to squeeze in a lot of changes.
And let me tell you I am not going to enroll myself to any gym or course this is going to be a complete DIY.

I am going to take it slowly, bhai naukri se chutti thode milti hai, so aaj ka agenda done with
Walk for 1 hour
Brisk walk for 10 minutes

Happy with myself I feasted on bread and butter 😛..after all need to manage without managing much of the eating part.

Let's see for tomorrow

P.S. Dad got chocolates for me..... 😐😐