Sunday, 17 February 2019

Book review : The Stupid Somebody By Rohit Dawesar


We have a community of readers, writers and artists in our city called - Kaffeinated Konversations and that is how I met Rohit, Rohit Dawesar, the author of The Stupid Somebody.

Rohit's introduction said that he owns a cafe in the city and is trying to write a book. Whenever we met thereon he used to discuss and share things he is researching on and learning about but never the book.

Rohit and I are poles apart in our reading preferences and writing style. So when Rohit published his book, he did tell me but never forced me to read it. (I even attended the success party after 3months of its release). It was after about 7 months of the release that I thought of giving it a try.

The Stupid Somebody is a romantic fiction set in our current scenario. It talks about the love between Rohit and Sherly and their sometimes good and sometimes struggling life.

Set in a simple background and written in basic style it instantly connects with the reader.

Well, the story is entirely Bollywood style - filmy...with love, parting and a good number of motivational nuggets.

I found the story a bit stretched. It has those certain places which makes one laugh and some insights one could hold onto when one is down. At the same time, too much detailing was unnecessary and leaves nothing to readers imagination.

The most- putting-off-thing for me was excessive use of love names by the main characters for each other, almost hitting the verge of being cheesy. The grammar and editing could have been better put too.

I am not sure but it may appeal more to a teenager recently taking onto reading books than a regular reader.

For friendship and insights I'll rate it a 2.5/5.