Thursday, 12 July 2018

Book review : IPL-ology By Paresh Godhwani

Title - IPL-ology

Author - Paresh Godhwani

AN EBook

About the author - Bearded freelance writer, immature designer, marketer by qualification, novice social media influencer, an accountant in India’s top general insurance company and author of Six degrees, Life in Local Train and IPL- ology.

Book Blurb - It started as a cricket league but now, it has become an important part of life. In this period of over ten years, IPL has performed beyond expectations on and off the field. Come, let’s study the performance of the league.

My View - I am not a fan of cricket but IPL has it's own charm. I am glued to the TV only during the IPL season. The format by itself makes it a quick and engaging watch, making everyone love it. IPL-OLOGY is a book detailing the format, the people involved, how it came into being and overall THE IPL. A good tribute to the ten decades IPL has successfully covered. 

A nice read to get you the entire account of its inception and existence. People who love cricket would love the knowledge. People who don't love cricket may not enjoy the detailed read.

I'll rate it a 3 out of 5 for being crisp and connecting read.

You know what! For now you can read the book here. So go for it IPL enthusiasts, it is surely going to reveal a thing or two you didn't know.