Thursday, 17 January 2019

In the end... it is all about what you remember - 2018 Adios

As a year passes by it fills one with mixed emotions. One is happy to begin a new year at the same time sad to see the year gone by. Happy, for new dreams and expectations and sad, for what is left behind unfinished or never done.

 Personally 2018 was not very different from the other years for me -
- I am still working in the same office - I am grateful but always wish for more growth.
- I am still single - hehe - not sad though but I do want to get married.

So it was not a milestone year but yes, there were things and situations which were never on my list but as they say does happen.

January made me realize how blessed I am to have a colleague who has a heart of Gold. I had gone out of station to attend a cousin's wedding and due to work had to return before my family. There been a zero chance of me living at our house alone, my colleague readily accommodated me in her house.

I never had a sleepover since, let's say 2013 so those 5 days with her were amazing. She gave me the house keys to come and  go at my pace, we used to cook together (she used, she never let me bother on about anything actually, a perfect host) it was almost that I was running the house on my own (at least partly :)). And having never lived in a hostel, I loved it.

It is so rightly said, one who has the heart of Gold, can make anyone happy.

February had another cousin's wedding and I am grateful that I crossed 4 states in  4 days. And cherry on the cake, we had a two-day family vacation in Goa.

The first time I went to Goa it was with my friends and I didn't like it much so I was in the same mindset this time as well. But, I was wrong. I had a gala time with there with the entire family. Mind you the family comprised of people older that 50 except me.

But it fills one with so much gratitude and happiness looking at one's mom-dad, uncle-aunty, thoroughly enjoying themselves with no boundations. These were the best days for me. And yes, now I love Goa and want to go there again and again.

It is indeed rightly said, it is the people who make the places, worth to go to.

March was fun meeting friends and partying. And April brought along a sweet proposal along. Though it didn't worked out but the memories are still afresh.

I want to club MAY-JUNE-JULY as the memories are bitter but fresh. I had undergone a surgery and with God's grace and the fantastic efforts of Doctors I am back to the grind. I have shared a part of my experience in my post - Superheroes

My list of Superheroes doesn't just include the doctors but also my parents who stood by me all the time and never let me feel alone or negative and my boss, he never asked me how I was but he never pressurized me for work or taking leaves. Given chance he could have taken my authority and power but he didn't and I respect him for that.

The year just sailed on from August and it was November and Diwali time. Since the last few years I have been enjoying Diwali more and the reason being our annual celebration at office. There are color days, cultural event and a good get-together where everyone comes to know each other better.

December and Secret Santa are now synonymous and for me one amazing and one not so amazing gift I was how the Santa worked this time.

Looking at the year gone by, quite a many memories they are. I haven't elaborated much or else it would have been an even longer post.

15 days into 2019....we have loads of new memories to make. Cheers!

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Beginners guide to organize life - Part 4

Happy New Year!!

The non-stop parties, celebrations, gatherings, events, the onset of new year is always a happy time. And mostly the happy times shake-up our set routines. In order to get back to our routines or better them, we set resolutions.

I did a good number of resolutions this year and a week down to the new year, they are already out and forgotten.

This made me realize one important factor which I haven't spoken about - TIME.

We have been planning our days, sequencing, scheduling as per the lists of wants and needs with deadlines. These deadlines talked about the date not time.

Talking and thinking about time is important because it helps further breaking down of tasks.

By allocating some time to a few tasks everyday one can balance doing more than one thing a day and achieving more by the deadline.

One can either allocate an entire day or a part of the day. This can work wonders if put into consideration before the festival season and in case of India, we do have many festivals sprinkled all round the year. When one considers time-line and work accordingly, one gets free time along with getting the work done.

For me, time-blocking has been a blessing. It removes the feeling of being overwhelmed by accomplishment. It does make one aware of the passing hours and hence it has made me realize the value of wearing a watch more.

My tip of the fortnight is to "watch the watch". Allocate time to everything and move out of it the moment time is up. You can think of it as a game with the stop watch count. If you do it in the stipulated time great! If not, try again tomorrow from where you left. The key is to start.

Do share what works for you.

Every alternate Wednesday is dedicated to stories or instances or learnings that I learn or implement at work. So stay tuned for #WorkWednesdays