Monday, 29 February 2016

It's time of the BUTTERFLY.......

Everyone has heard about mid-life/quarter-life crises, I don’t know if I am in either of these but I do know how hitting 31 has been for me. For one it has definitely made me conscious of keeping calm, poised, slowing down my pace in speaking or doing the regular chores as well as it got me thinking and thinking a lot.

I have been thinking on several lines---- my life, relationships, career, investments et al. This all thinking got me to think what is that one word that now describes me......I always had been very fond of the word learner and am very proud that I learn things quickly and want to learn from wherever and whenever I can. But somehow it seems this word, instead of setting me on the right pace has slowed me down.

Looking at my idols, only one thing comes to my mind how they do know-it-all. More so thinking about them a few years back when they were my age I am sure they were way ahead of where I am.

Learning is a good attribute but after a time one should be able to teach/mentor too after all every student’s first love is to be a teacher. In this age and time, one need to observe more and more than finding ones niche increasing the pace and knowing how everything is related, knowing the right things and taking the right decisions is important.

There is so much to learn and implement to get on the top and stay there.

Now it’s time for the learner to turn into a mentor. The caterpillar has to give way for butterfly. 

Maybe the fault was never in the word learner but using just a single word. It has to be a learner and a quick implementer because a mentor never stops learning at the same absorbing the same for better because then it will be a journey to remember.

What do you think????