Saturday, 6 May 2017

Book Review: Once upon a Genie - Durriya Kapasi

Title : Once upon a Genie

Author : Durriya Kapasi

Publisher : Half Baked Beans

“The bottle though was very heavy; I assumed it was so because it must be made from expensive material. With excitement, I opened it's lid to welcome the unforeseen into my life.”

Plot Summary
“Once upon a Genie” is Durriya Kapasi ‘s baby and it sets you to the world of unknown. The story revolves around Daisy, a lone girl who used to live with her grandmother after been abandoned by her parents. She loses her grandmother as well but her grandmother gifts her a Genie. And the story unfolds of how Daisy's life moves with the Genie- Khalil Bin Muwahid. Khalil Bin Muwahid not being the ordinary Genie but going to be the successor of the Genie throne left by his father. While asking her wishes they fall in love and as per Genie world, if she doesn't ask her 3rd wish they can live together forever. But twist in tale is Daisy's best friend Darren, who falls sick and Daisy is confused whether to use her last wish or not.

My View
Ever since I saw Aladdin I wished to have a Genie of my own but as I grew up it was long lost and forgotten. So finding a book called “Once upon a Genie “ did revive those memories.
The story line is slightly predictable. A girl being gifted a Genie and they both fall in love.

But the best part is It let's one live the childhood dream of having a Genie. The wishes that Daisy asks for are fantasy inducing yet contemporary. The detailing that the author shows about characters and places actually makes one live through it.

There are points that keep you guessing what will happen next. There are moments of love, that makes one pink, then there moments of longing that makes one cry, then there moments of fantasy that makes one forget the reality and dream.

I will rate it 3/5 for depicting so many emotions and sewing them together. It is a short and sweet story which will keep you glued till you finish it.

Grab Your Copy :- Once Upon A Genie

P.S. The book was provided by the author for an honest review.