Sunday, 30 April 2017


I never thought life will change so much in just seven months. I was bored with my sedentary life in Pune which was disheveled by my Boss kicking me out by giving a three month notice.

I was frustrated and didn't know how to get through this phase and not only I did, I joined a better place in Bangalore and in 3 months of my joining I am being promoted already. Life has never been so good.

After being ditched by the love of my life I thought I will never be happy. But life taught me how to be happy. If the world is mean I can be meaner and tame it to my advantage. I met Meera and she gave me the elixir to live happily. She was warm and sweet like a child. I really loved her initially but it couldn't last and so I wanted to leave it at a beautiful corner and so we slowly stopped talking.

I have found my zenith, my corner cabin, my personal space and the secret to live happily together yet alone. Life is going to be better and better.


Meera found her zenith in her husband. She never thought she will find the right answers to all questions that bothered her from a man. He was caring, sensitive, protective and gave Meera a clear vision of what she actually seeked.

It had been six months that she met Meer first. The highs and lows that she faced during these six months, she alone was a witness to them. But her husband took her to a new high, the zenith, her values, her aspirations and her deep down dreams were realized by him now. He stood by her as a pillar of strength and a push for whenever she stopped. He was a self made man and supported her to be self made and keep her individual identity even after marriage. And he asked her to keep dreaming more and keep realizing them.

Her zenith was to know herself and two man helped her attain that - Meer, made her aware of things she didn't know, her husband, gave her what she yearned.

Saturday, 29 April 2017


Every heart desires
Every heart has a special yearning.
Two individuals, whether together or alone,
yearn the most for what one's heart wants.

Meer had met Meera as he was yearning to find an anchor in his life. He wanted someone who could hold him through his difficult time. As time passed Meer realized he was his own anchor and what he yearned for most was external, materialistic pleasures. He wanted name, fame, money, glory, people talking about him, girls swooning over him and this was only going to satisfy him.

Meer was more confident about himself now. He had a face for the world to show and he knew what exactly he wanted as well.

Meer knew how to make the world work and he knew what he yearned for.


Meera had met Meer and amidst a conversation she noticed him. He drew her to himself and it was then she realized she had more to yearn for in life yet. She had always dreamt about work and aspired to bring more glory.

After meeting Meer she yearned for love in her life and she was getting the same in leaps and bounds even after he left. As time passed she realized apart from love she even yearned for intellectual conversations, someone to care for her, someone around whom she felt protective, someone who listened to her heart and this yearning brought her closer to herself.

Meera knew what the world expects of her and she knew what she yearned for.

Friday, 28 April 2017

Xerox copy

Meera was in full bloom, she was the fun, fearless, wild and cool yet sensible and sensitive woman she always aspired to be. Eventually she had let go of her insecurities and anger. She was getting calmer by the day.

She did feel alone at times but had found ways out of it. She was working hard as well as started again at her hobby of sculpture making. She barely had any free time to think negative and feel sad. She was open to meeting new people and hangout without a care in the world.

She had decided to let the past be and cherish its memories and make new fun stories. But the more she tried to forget Meer the harder it was. Almost every guy that she had recently met was a xerox copy of Meer. Whether it was someone’s looks, or the way they walked or the kind of their talks something or the other did remind her of him.

Meera failed to understand whether it was her love for Meer or was it just that he was the only guy with whom she had been so close. Over time she had realized even she didn't want to marry him because he was never the man of her dreams but a part of her heart was ready to let all go just to be with him.


Meer had been living out of his home for quite a many years now and he got used to living alone. Settling in a new city is always pain in the beginning but one has to endure some pain for a better ending. He had his share of highs and lows but he knew the anchor he used to search is none other but he himself.

He did meet a few girls, all good in their own way. He had made a pact for himself, he'll have his share of fun and let his mom search a bride for him. Just for once he met a xerox copy of Meera and he knew he is never going the same Lane again.  She didn't look like her nor she spoke like her, but her choice in books, movies even her zodiac sign were same and it was enough a warning sign for him to stay away.

Thursday, 27 April 2017


Meera was happy. She had become bold and calm. She knew what her winsome smile can do, her harsh words would never get it done. She was her charming best and people were easily drawn to her now. She did miss being in a serious relationship but she was enjoying all the attention she was getting.


Meer had a rough time. His ex, the one she carried in his heart from Pune to Bangalore ditched her again. It had been a month that he was in Bangalore when she asked him to introduce her to one his best friend. Meer having confidence in his friend asked him to out and about a few times and see if they have something or let it be. His friend did as Meer said but there were no sparks and they didn't continue.

Meer had already predicted this and so was relieved. All throughout he and his ex were in contact and now again she found solace in him after the not worked relationship. Meer did realize that he was running behind the wrong train and it's time to change track but probably he was too in love with this girl to let go. He was there for her with his shoulder to cry on.


Meera did miss Meer but now he reminded him of what she should do and how she should live. She was livelier than before. She wanted to share her stories with Meer and she called him.

Meer did start to hear her stories and she spoke with all the charm and enthusiasm. But Meer cut her in mid and after that Meera just lost her winsome smile. She listened to him about his routine and then quickly hung up.

She realized Meer was totally not interested in her. He never cared what she liked, how she felt, he was not happy in her happiness. All the sweet talks had been for a purpose and now when he had no purpose all he wanted to talk about was himself or not talk at all. The stories that Meera had accumulated to tell him, the constant reminder that she use to have from him to be winsome and win all and her happiness on being winsome and getting what she wanted, was all lost...he didn't care.

Whether he thought less about Meera or thought it was a lie Meera was not sure. But she was sure he was not worth her worry anymore. She did consider him everything but for him she was nothing special.

She regained her composure and went on a long drive.  This time she is not going to go to “their place” as she did before and relapse into the cold hearted girl she was. She was driving way beyond and not going to look back. She'll stride in style with her winsome smile.

Wednesday, 26 April 2017


It had been about a month that Meer had gone to Bangalore. Meera was yet again heartbroken today. She was vulnerable to every possible comment now a days. She decided to put on her strong, determined, rude girl grab and secluded herself from social engagements.

She engrossed herself in work again and constantly reminded herself of her goal and not to loose focus. Still she had sleepless nights. But the nights were not just sleepless they were accompanied with her soundless wails and cries.

She felt sad about being single, she felt sad about having no friend to cry on, she felt sad about everything going around, she felt miserable as she couldn't see a future for herself. She was vulnerable but strong enough not to let this make her depressed and go on a wrong path and end everything. She had her family to support and ending her life won't help them.

Meer and Meera had a unique relationship. They had distance between them, they spoke less frequently yet they knew what the other wanted. Meer used to tell her about his ex and his relationships and she knew sometimes it was to make her jealous but at others how's just being himself with her.

He was a self-made man and constantly learning and improving himself and this was what he taught her as well. He had shifted to Bangalore but recently he called and shared all the happenings with her. She wanted to call him more often but he did say once that she is getting possessive and he may stop speaking to her if she will irritate him more.

On some vulnerable points Meera did message him.. Miss you… and he replied…. I know.

Meera was taken aback because she expected some reprise but all she got was a narcissistic reply. She knew when Meer used to have a good time, he was never cautious with her but when he was sad he'll cajole her, pamper her. Part of Meera’s vulnerability was her own responsibility. She did let herself loose and gave so much importance to him.

She had to take these teachings and work on herself, for self. Just one message brought her back to senses. She had entirely forgotten what she had decided when Meer left. She had forgotten the game she would like to play. So, here she became the pleasant, charming personality she aspired for. She was now open to people and people were attracted to her.

She was going out and almost wherever she went she knew all eyes seemed her. There were man approaching her and at times she will lead them on for as long as she wanted and then gently or at times rudely break it off. She knew she had to shun the vulnerability and enjoy what life offers. More so, she wanted to have stories to tell Meer, it was not just him who had it all.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Unique Relationship

Meer had settled in Bangalore. The first 15 days in the city and the city was treating him good. He found a good studio apartment on 4th floor of a commercial building. It was amidst city and the window at one end gave him the view of entire bustling city….his perfect fast paced cosmopolitan city.

He was getting used to the new office and the environment. He hadn't made any friends yet but had been amicable and so never was alone. He stood by the window with a tea cup and contemplated on his journey so far. He was happy on his achievements. His family had high hopes from him and he was able to realize them.

He was also able to do what he really wanted to do. He always wanted to be a ladies man and today he was. Before leaving the city he met his ex over dinner and they bonded really well. He even carried her along, in his heart. They were back to their usual selves and almost talked every night for hours. They were not “together “ yet but they will soon.

Another girl from his previous office had also shown interest and now they were in long-distance-relationship and he knew well how to manage both the girls without letting one know about the other.

Then he remembered Meera. He was in love with her. She was beautiful, delicate, a soft kind heart, intelligent, actually she was nothing like the other girls and that drew him to her. Overtime Meer had realized that they are not meant to be together not because she was getting attached to him but because now he didn't want to stay bounded or attached with just one person. He knew, she cared for him a lot but he knew there were too many fishes in the pond.

He did care for her as well. He informed her as soon as he got news of his selection in the new job. Their relationship was actually very unique. There was a time they used to talk to each other everyday. Then there came a time the calls turned to twice a week, still it used to be as if they just spoke an hour ago.

She never pretended a thing in front of him and he too could speak his heart out to her. He never hid any of his feelings from her whether they were about her or someone else. Infact he had just spoken to her once after he came here and told her about his ex and the other girl.

She never complained of talking less or talking about others. Yes, she did get jealous if talked more about others but he knew how to make it up to her, and she will blush till the end. He could tease her and make her cry. He could make her forget the world with his smile. She was jovial like a child when with him and had an air that demanded attention wherever she went. No wonder all used to like her. There was something, something unique in this relationship and he didn't want to let it go.

For some reasons he always loved living this unique relationship. He used to get what he wanted and he still can get what he wants from her. He didn't love her now but neither he nor she ever said “I love you” to the other. He never said because the feeling had long gone but never understood why she never said it.

He had to stay in touch with her for both professional and personal reasons. She was owning a good company and working hard to scale new heights and personally, he knew, if all went down, he can always rely on her.

Monday, 24 April 2017

The Therapeutic Teachings

Meer was enjoying his new job. The new city, new life, new environment.  He was more ecstatic as while moving to Bangalore from Pune he had gained immense confidence. The reason for his confidence was Meera. He had liked Meera instantly, maybe because he was charmed by her aura or because at that point of time he knew he needed an anchor.
He was dejected and he needed someone or something to pull him up or atleast not let him sink. Meera came as a breath of fresh air and brought some new flowers too. The flowers he'll always cherish. He got more confident, he knew what he wanted, he also knew how to get what he wanted especially from girls.

The smart, work oriented, independent Meera that he had liked was deep down a girl - silly, possessive and easily manipulated. But if that's what that is he was okay with having his share of fun.

His times with Meera were therapeutic and calmed him down more. He got a better idea about women and now knew how to apply those teachings to the life ahead. Life in today's world is fast and people run away from emotions but want instant gratification, be it spiritual or sexual. Meer was set to get both now on.


Meera was heartbroken. After years she had open her heart for a man, despite him being nothing she ever yearned and he had also gone. She already knew he was looking for a new job and at max has 3 or so months but she never took it seriously because Meer never talked much about it.

What hurt her most was he just left her a message… I Am Going. When she called she got to know the details and after that they just spoke once more because it was her birthday. It was Meera’s first birthday after Meer and she got together. Meera expected a call in morning or a call to say let's meet but neither. He just called later in the evening and wished her, never met, still being in the same city.

Meera was emotional but this gave her a teaching she will never forget - Never trust anyone with your heart, nobody will ever handle it with care. Meer did leave many teachings for her about today's world and the people.

She knew people look only for themselves. They strive for what they want seldom thinking how the other must have felt. Nobody thinks of emotional attachment it is sheer give and take. It was as if emotions are a thing of past.

All this did make her change but she still believed in the fairytale love. She was now more confident about what men want and she was ready to make them dance as she liked. She was open to experiment and experience and explore the human kind. She found a therapeutic game of predicting the other's move. But what she learned and cherished was to Love herself and people loved her too, reasons can be any.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Seven Hundred....and thirty four

“The aerial distance from Pune to Bangalore is 734 kms while the road distance is 844 by train it is 905 km. There is/are 20 direct trains” Google as Meera searched for the distance between Pune and Bangalore.

Meera and Meer had the best time of their lives. Meera didn't know about Meer but she had fallen hard for him. She loved him and as they say in love you don't see any wrong. She knew he didn't love her, as he often said he wanted an open relationship or having fun till it lasts. Meera and Meer had a passionate night together but after that Meera started to avoid Meer.

They did spoke a couple of times on phone and she either tried to avoid serious discussions or just got angry on something trivial and hung up. He did ask her to meet a couple of times but Meera refused giving one or the other excuse.

Their relationship had always been of no strings attached yet there for each other whenever needed. But somehow Meera wanted comfort, care which she tried to seek out of Meer but never got. The physical proximity could never take over the emotional proximity and Meer never really tried to get attached to her emotionally.

Meer always acting Mr.-know-it-all was all confident he knew what Meera is deep down. The more he got to know her and the more she did as he said, the more he started to undermine her. He started to ridicule her in jest, stopped appreciating her or complimenting her.

Meera got quiet about everything. She didn't liked the way Meer was behaving and she was too much in love to actually break all ties from him. She started maintaining her distance. Eventually there talks decreased yet their was no bitterness.

It was hard for Meera to not speak to him everyday but she resisted the temptation. For Meer it was ok because he laid the rules for an open relationship. He called her when he wanted and they will speak for sometime. He knew how to emotionally use her and he did. At times she used to get angry but he used to woo her with false sweet nothings and all will be normal. Besides he had his freedom from the usual… what's up?, did you had dinner?... rubbish.

Today Meer texted Meera...I am going.

No Hi no Hello just plane I am going. Meera was taken aback and asked him to elaborate. He told her, that he got a new job and is shifting to Banglore.

All throughout Meera was so lost in her life that she forgot that he was on his ninety days notice period. They used to talk about work and life in the initial days but it had stopped. Now she didn't know when he applied, when interviewed, she was actually not part of his life.

Meer was going away and maybe they will never meet ever again. Her heart just sank. She was shattered. They were never together but this was separation altogether for her. She avoided meeting him almost a month and now he is going away aerial distance 734 kms while the road distance is 844 and by train it is 905 km. Now she can't see him, she won't be able to control herself on seeing him go. She can't say goodbye to him in person.

They spoke on phone for hours, separation is hard. Meer had been very sweet with her today. He calmed her down, made her understand things he thought she should know and work upon for her future.

Meera’s world had once again crumbled. She was thoughtless and lifeless again. Only one thing was going on in her mind 734 kms… hundred… seven hundred.

Friday, 21 April 2017


Meer was happy he desired a girl and not just met her, spent time with her but also got to spend an entire night with her. He was happier because since days he was working on wanting something and making it happen and he was able to achieve so.

More than happy he was getting restless too. Not that he wanted to meet Meera but because he had decided he will not call her for a while. So it had been 2 days that he didn't call her, reason being she was getting emotional and their night together may make her more attached to him. For him there was no future for their relationship and he was clear about it and she agreed as well.

But he could see it in her eyes that she cares for him. Her words were always full of concern for him. She desired him but never on cost of hurting him and she always agreed to what he said. He always wanted to credit it all to his charm but he knew part of it was she as a person gentle and kind. But he was restless as even she didn't call him. He thought has she taken the concept of open relationship a way too forward and now forgotten her own old self and completely changed. Has she forgotten him so easily or got over him already?


Meera was restless, it had been two days and Meer hadn't called. Meera could call him but she didn't. She knew he would not like it. He was all for open relationship and she agreed to that. So there is no place for emotions in an open relationship. Though she was ecstatic, she had the glow she never wanted to let go. She felt safe in his embrace and had no care about the world. The world had stilled for her in that one night.

She knew she wanted to speak to him and everytime she held her phone would just look at his picture and keep it aside. She was restless but knew it well he wouldn't like her restlessness. For him, she shouldn't call.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The quiet

Meer lay in his bed. There was a serene quietness all around. It was totally soundless world. He lay there looking at the ceiling and looking on his right, Meera cuddled beside him, her hair covered her face and Meer very carefully set them aside without waking her up.

Last night was they and their unrestricted selves. He devoured her and she enjoyed. Meer always had a fascination for the quiet and this was his bliss. He may not have cared for her much but the little touch and her body's coil gave him a sense of satisfaction. Meer tightly held Meera and closed his eyes, he was going to have a sound sleep after all.


Meera woke up and found Meer’s arms wrapped around her. She smiled thinking about last night and snuggled more into him. The quiet surrounding was perfect for her to replay every moment of last night. It was her first and she knew his fragrance is not going to leave her body for long.

She wanted to live in this quietness for as much as she can, just the two of them together and as if the world has become still. She especially wanted the world to go still and forget about time, days and work all she hear was there deep breaths.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Passionate affair

Meera was done with her thinking. She thought about Meer’s thought of both of them staying in an open relationship. At first she was very skeptic and didn't want to go with it. She was in shock because when she met Meer she thought she had met the hero of her heart. Here and there in her interactions with Meer she knew he hadn't forgotten his past but she didn't think much about it considering over time he will move on.But when he directly said he wanted an open relationship she was shaken out of her dreams.

Meer’s messages were daily reminding her that times have changed. So finally she thought to give this a chance. She knew it well it was the lust that was driving him, both of them.The passion she always saw in his eyes, which drew her to him was to be unleashed. Deep down Meera was acknowledging her passionate dreams for him.

She called Meer and told him she was ready for it. Meer was ecstatic on hearing this, he had already set foot in the city and he gets what he desired. He asked her to meet at their usual hangout tonight, then changed his mind and invited at home for a take away meal. She agreed.

Meera understood why he invited her home. He was staying alone and Meera was ready to explore what lay forth. She had been following the right path for long, for once she wanted to let everything loose and experience what she never thought of. She chose a silk shirt and skirt and a bouquet on way to apologise to him for replying late.

She knew Meer wanted to take their relationship towards what he desired and so had called her home. She was expecting a bachelor’s pad but with dim lights and light music and a table for two. When she entered his flat it was nothing as she thought. It was a bachelor’s pad but Meer hadn't bothered to set it up for him.

There was a table with few books on it and two takeaways from the Chinese stall and a bottle of cold drink. Meer was amazed looking at the bouquet. He did made her comfortable with his sweet nothings and in no time she had forgotten she had been thinking about them and their future.

Meer got up and took her hand and took her to his bed. Meera felt a bit awkward but she was ready to try. She shyly walked with him and sat beside him. He let loose herbarium and kissed her softly on her neck moving to her shoulders. He licked her collarbone and started opening her shirt buttons.

Meera drew him closer and kissed him on forehead. His eyes and slowly they both rolled over. The fire among the two was set. The kisses became more passionate, the hold got stronger and the moans longer and louder. He was strong on her and she liked it more and more. She cuddled along him like her body was meant for him and he devoured her more and more. The entire night just passed in a second for them in their passionate affair.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Open Relationship

Meera was in the middle of an important meeting yet more than to the presentation, her eyes wandered to her phone. It had been four days that Meer had gone to hi hometown for some personal work.

Before leaving he did mention that he may not get to call her but she was happy as that day not only she but he too spoke his heart out. Meer told her how miserable he was as he was missing her.

Meera was flying high on the words shared between them that day and those were enough for her for the days to come. She did missed Meer a couple of times a day but used to see his picture and think about their times together. Two days back while moving out of the office Meera got a call -- from Meer.

She could barely think straight. She was overjoyed. She simply parked the car on road side and spoke to him. His dreamy voice, she had so longed to hear.

Meera got emotional the moment she heard him call her name. He said he missed her a lot and so the first chance that he got, he called her. Although Meera always found his voice dreamy today it actually sounded as if he had just woken up.

Meer agreed. He had just woke up and Meera was the first thought he had. Meera blushed, she missed him too. After loads of sweet nothings, Meer said it was almost everyday that he missed their kiss. Meera blushed even more.

Meer then came up with another bit. He told her that he was confused about their relationship but now he has some clarity. Meera smiled but didn't say anything.

He said, his parents have given him freedom to settledown as he wants. But he doesn't want to get tied on right now. This distance between them had made him think clearly and he came to the conclusion that they should be in an open relationship.

Meera was shocked. Maybe Meer expected it, he did know her well, he went on to elaborate it. He said they both have families and they are trying to find better halves for them. And given the situation, they both can never get married. So it's better that they accept open relationship. They can stay with each other for as long as they like and fulfill each other's “whims and fancies “.

After all, we are humans and humans have some basic needs - be it hunger for food or the hunger to satiate the craving for another body. All throughout Meera was speechless. They both were on a different plane. Meer started to talk about how he missed her, her long hair, her legs, the way she hugged, the way he felt by her touch.

Meera still had no words to say nor was she in mood to hear any of it. She tried to stay calm and said I am on road and I have to get back home. Let me call you once I reach home. Meer was very aggressive, he asked her not to hung up but keep phone aside while driving. Meera needed to stay absolutely alone to think it through and so finally managed to make him agree.

It had been two days since and Meera hadn't called him. She did get few angry and then sorry messages from him, but she was unable to understand what she wanted. Open relationship, she didn't know what it was and whether she can go through it.

She knew she can never see him with anyone else. Even the mere mention of his ex or any appreciation to any girl would make her sad. He knew it and at times used to tease her too but open relationship!?

Meer kept on saying in his messages- it's better to enjoy now than to repent later. We don't have a future why not enjoy the present. Meera was still thinking about it. She just couldn't decide what she wanted. She wanted to talk to him but didn't know what and how.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Ninety Days!!

Meer had gone back hometown for a few days. It was not like he didn't inform Meera, he called her as soon as he could and asked her not to be troubled.

Meera knew she was falling for Meer. She loved his eyes. There was something very deep in them. She also loved the way Meer would be honest with her about everything. There were times he will become a teacher to her. And always the times he was a lover to her.

He had to go back home for some urgent personal work. And he said it will be difficult for them to speak. Meera just couldn't get this out of her mind. Not that she was getting possessive or jealous but because Meer had told her they just had about 3 months...ninety days as she had counted.

Meer was on notice period in his company when they first met. Meer was very honest about what was his equation in the company and he had applied elsewhere too.

At times when they used to fight or argue, Meera used to patch up first on counting the days remaining out of the ninety days. She was always scared that once the ninety days are over he will never speak to her again.

Their last meeting, their first kiss, had actually made her forget the ninety days of their life. She was happy and was living the life of her dreams. She could still feel the kiss like it just happened. But today she was sad that a few days are again subtracted out of their ninety days together.

Saturday, 15 April 2017


Meer got a call from his home and he had to urgently rush to his home town. He had always been calm and so today too he packed his belongings neatly and called a cab. As he sat in the cab he called Meera instantly to inform. His concern was not just to inform her but he also wanted to tell her that he won't be able to speak to her much. He didn't want her to feel ignored. She had been very understanding all the time, yes she does gets possessive of him on and off especially when he mentions his ex but that is because she cares for him.

Meer had some personal errands to run and so he had to rush out. He sat in the bus and all the more he tried to think about the work and how he is going to go through it the more he missed Meera. He wanted to speak to her more.


Meera was sad, she had just had a word with Meer and he had some family problem so had to go back home. She was sad because he won't be in the city for few days, but what troubled her more was that they won't be able to speak too. She missed him everyday, she couldn't forget how much she missed him when they hadn't spoken for 4 days.

It had been days that Meera read anything. It was almost every night that Meer used to call her and they used to talk and those talks used to go on for hours. But today there was no such thing. She took out an old book which she had left in middle as it was during this book that she met Meer. She took a cup of hot chocolate along and sat along side the french window in her room facing her lush lawn. Her favorite spot to unwind to the land of stories. Over the past days it had become her dreamy spot to sit and chat with Meer too.

As she opened her book, her phone rang again, it was Meer. She got scared, Why is he calling again when he said he won't be able to speak for a few days? Is he ok??

She received the call and asked him if he was ok? He didn't say anything just took a deep breath. It further took her breath away, she was getting nervous. He took another deep breath and said - " Meera I am feeling miserable. I want to tell you something."

Meera got scared. He was going back home all of a sudden and now he wants to confess something, her heart was beating faster. She was getting all sorts of negative thoughts in her mind but she couldn't show how she felt so took a moment and asked him what happened?? what was he talking about??

Meer said - " I am feeling miserable. i have to confess, I miss you a lot. I did tell you I won't be able to speak to you much and just the thought is making me miserable. I had to call you. Let's talk till I get there."

Friday, 14 April 2017


Meer was driving back home. He had just met Meera after 4 days and though he avoided her on purpose, today looking at her he realized he actually missed her. She was looking beautiful and he didn't want to let her go. He thought when he will hold her longer she may revolt a bit but he never expected her to kiss him. What a surprise!!! and WOW!! he was feeling out of this world. He had a few relationships but he was never been kissed. He only thought about her while driving back home. He had to call her.


Meera was driving back home and today smile was not leaving her face. She was happy...elated...and unable to understand what was going through her. She kissed Meer....and he kissed back. It had been so many years that she felt someone's embrace and many more that she was being kissed. She did had a couple of relationships in the past but none since long. It was not like those were casual relationships but at times she was too catious or it never went too far and kisses were very few. But till date none to cherish forever. was different...she had to call Meer. And her phone rang.....MEER CALLING :) :)


Meer - " Hi, You reached safely??"

Meera - " Yes. "

Meer - " Did you had dinner??"

Meera - "No. you?"

Meer - " Why ? No. Not feeling hungry."

Meera - " Me neither."

Meer - " I am missing you."

Meera - "Me too." (blushes)

Meer - " You know Meera, I have been very confused the past days. You know about my job, it has been over a month and I haven't yet found any. At times it gets very frustrating besides today too my boss just snapped at me for nothing. I really like meeting you, looking at you. You looked beautiful today and smelled even more beautiful. I wanted to hold you close and didn't want you to leave. Can't it be that we can stay together?? I want to feel you all the time close to me. If you will be with me I will always be happy to return home, atleast I will have one place to see forward to get to. I really Like you and I know you like me too."

Meera - (blushes) " You don't like me, You lust for me! "

Meer was taken aback. She didn't expect this, he was hurt

Meera - "I Lust you too".

Meer - (smirked) "Ahan!! Now you talking girl!"

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Stolen Kisses!!

Meera was excited to meet Meer. She finished work and rushed out of office straight to “their” spot. Meer was already waiting for her. She blushed looking at him and he was all smiles too.


Meer decided to meet Meera, it had been days. Besides his ex had again practically shunned him but it hardly matters he had a good start to the day. He thought of meeting Meera to let out his frustration. She was like a friend for him with whom he could discuss anything and plus point she was a girl. He reached “their “ spot on time and as usual Meera was late. He got furious what does she think of herself.

His anger was rising, when Meera’s car arrived. She got out of the car and her eyes scanned through the crowd for him and she blushed. Meer couldn't help but smile, she looked so cute. His teddy bear was looking all adorable today and he realized he did missed seeing her the past days.


They chatted on and ofcourse Meera was furious since he didn't respond and she had her bout of fury with him. Meer did tell her what he's going through but it didn't seem she was ready to accept it. She was listening but not agreeing. Meer was confused about his feelings. If ever any girl spoke to her like this he would have never spoken to her. But here it was this girl and she wanted to just keep looking at her.

She looked cute and the way she was behaving, she looked like a child today instead of the all-sorted- Miss-know-all. He was drawn to her, her voice, her eyes, her nose, she was looking beautiful.

Meer had few things to say, he was not even able to show his anger because somehow he didn't know if he's angry or frustrated or mesmerized by her. And It was about time to leave.

Meera was a touch-me-not type of girl but Meer had got her to agree on a goodbye hug. He could still remember the way she trembled the very first time he hugged her. Over time she had become comfortable and hugged him with love, he can feel it in her embrace.

While seeing her off, they hugged but Meer didn't want to let her go today. He held her close and just kept looking at her face. She blushed again and embraced him tightly. Meer loved this feeling the way she fits her tiny body perfectly into his masculine physique, and the way she rubs her nose on his chest.

He kissed her on her head and she looked up. He drew her closer in and she kissed him on cheek. Meer was surprised and so was she.

Meera quickly removed his arms and ran towards her car. Meer managed to hold her hand and drew her closer in.

And they kissed, they kissed and kissed, ever more passionately, as if this was the elixir for their lives. They were insatiable since long but today is going to change it all.