Friday, 14 April 2017


Meer was driving back home. He had just met Meera after 4 days and though he avoided her on purpose, today looking at her he realized he actually missed her. She was looking beautiful and he didn't want to let her go. He thought when he will hold her longer she may revolt a bit but he never expected her to kiss him. What a surprise!!! and WOW!! he was feeling out of this world. He had a few relationships but he was never been kissed. He only thought about her while driving back home. He had to call her.


Meera was driving back home and today smile was not leaving her face. She was happy...elated...and unable to understand what was going through her. She kissed Meer....and he kissed back. It had been so many years that she felt someone's embrace and many more that she was being kissed. She did had a couple of relationships in the past but none since long. It was not like those were casual relationships but at times she was too catious or it never went too far and kisses were very few. But till date none to cherish forever. was different...she had to call Meer. And her phone rang.....MEER CALLING :) :)


Meer - " Hi, You reached safely??"

Meera - " Yes. "

Meer - " Did you had dinner??"

Meera - "No. you?"

Meer - " Why ? No. Not feeling hungry."

Meera - " Me neither."

Meer - " I am missing you."

Meera - "Me too." (blushes)

Meer - " You know Meera, I have been very confused the past days. You know about my job, it has been over a month and I haven't yet found any. At times it gets very frustrating besides today too my boss just snapped at me for nothing. I really like meeting you, looking at you. You looked beautiful today and smelled even more beautiful. I wanted to hold you close and didn't want you to leave. Can't it be that we can stay together?? I want to feel you all the time close to me. If you will be with me I will always be happy to return home, atleast I will have one place to see forward to get to. I really Like you and I know you like me too."

Meera - (blushes) " You don't like me, You lust for me! "

Meer was taken aback. She didn't expect this, he was hurt

Meera - "I Lust you too".

Meer - (smirked) "Ahan!! Now you talking girl!"


  1. At least they are on the same footing. Maybe it will develop into something more though.

  2. thats good going for Meera and Meer, it's perfectly okay to lust this way!

  3. two persons sailing on a boat need to oar in one direction to reach an end. Meer and Meera doing that :)