Monday, 17 April 2017

Ninety Days!!

Meer had gone back hometown for a few days. It was not like he didn't inform Meera, he called her as soon as he could and asked her not to be troubled.

Meera knew she was falling for Meer. She loved his eyes. There was something very deep in them. She also loved the way Meer would be honest with her about everything. There were times he will become a teacher to her. And always the times he was a lover to her.

He had to go back home for some urgent personal work. And he said it will be difficult for them to speak. Meera just couldn't get this out of her mind. Not that she was getting possessive or jealous but because Meer had told her they just had about 3 months...ninety days as she had counted.

Meer was on notice period in his company when they first met. Meer was very honest about what was his equation in the company and he had applied elsewhere too.

At times when they used to fight or argue, Meera used to patch up first on counting the days remaining out of the ninety days. She was always scared that once the ninety days are over he will never speak to her again.

Their last meeting, their first kiss, had actually made her forget the ninety days of their life. She was happy and was living the life of her dreams. She could still feel the kiss like it just happened. But today she was sad that a few days are again subtracted out of their ninety days together.