Thursday, 6 April 2017

Enchanting and Endearing

It was 7 a.m. and as the alarm clock buzzed, Meer just wanted to throw the clock away. Not because he didn't wanted to wake up, he was already up since 4 in the morning but the alarm clock reminded him to get ready for the office. Office where he was a guest of some 2 months now. He dragged himself out of bed and made his coffee and the phone rang...Boss calling.

The boss definitely ensures that he'll make these last days in office worse for him. He received the call and was ordered to go the client but this one client Meer was actually excited to meet and this time alone as Meera it was.


Meera had some last minutes changes after the last meeting with the vendor. She asked her executive to explain the same to the vendor and realised that the executive was on a 10 day vacation. This time she herself will have to do the meeting. She planned the meeting in 2 hours at her office, she didn't want to delay things.


Meer reached Meera’s office and as her house this was equally magnificent 4 storey building. Meera was waiting for him in her cabin on the top floor. Meer was happy he was punctual and so was Meera, finally someone who values time.

Her cabin was very minimalist, glass walls, a minimalist wooden table a head chair and two to occupy guests. The left of the cabin had a huge French window, actually not a window it was a sliding door opening to a beautifully landscaped terrace.

Meera discussed the terms and Meer concentrated on the agenda at hand but he was enchanted. She was so articulate with what she wanted. She never minced a word of what she thought yet she was polite. There was something in the way she spoke, her voice or the way she spoke Meer couldn't understand but it drew him to her more.

Meera was through her points and started winding up the meeting when Meer pointed out another point which she could add up and it will just nullify the loophole created by the other point. Meera was taken aback for the first time she totally missed on a relevant point and she took note of this guy in front of him.

What was the point Meer was trying to make here? This was the first in the two meetings that she had with him that she took a full note of him. A tall, muscular guy, big eyes and a bigger mouth, he actually had big lips but probably he knew, for the effect was lessened by his beard, but what impressed her was the statement he made, so beneficial for both the companies. He was knowledgeable to make the point and must be valued by the company to be sent alone for such a discussion, besides he had been courteous towards her, by opening the door for her as they moved towards her cabin, chivalry an almost extinct concept that she loved, endearing indeed. Or was he doing it all just to impress her?? Is he a charmer used to get there terms?? No or else he wouldn't have pointed my mistake.


  1. Trying to find the answers in your writings.

    1. trying to find your comments in all my writings :)

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