Thursday, 27 April 2017


Meera was happy. She had become bold and calm. She knew what her winsome smile can do, her harsh words would never get it done. She was her charming best and people were easily drawn to her now. She did miss being in a serious relationship but she was enjoying all the attention she was getting.


Meer had a rough time. His ex, the one she carried in his heart from Pune to Bangalore ditched her again. It had been a month that he was in Bangalore when she asked him to introduce her to one his best friend. Meer having confidence in his friend asked him to out and about a few times and see if they have something or let it be. His friend did as Meer said but there were no sparks and they didn't continue.

Meer had already predicted this and so was relieved. All throughout he and his ex were in contact and now again she found solace in him after the not worked relationship. Meer did realize that he was running behind the wrong train and it's time to change track but probably he was too in love with this girl to let go. He was there for her with his shoulder to cry on.


Meera did miss Meer but now he reminded him of what she should do and how she should live. She was livelier than before. She wanted to share her stories with Meer and she called him.

Meer did start to hear her stories and she spoke with all the charm and enthusiasm. But Meer cut her in mid and after that Meera just lost her winsome smile. She listened to him about his routine and then quickly hung up.

She realized Meer was totally not interested in her. He never cared what she liked, how she felt, he was not happy in her happiness. All the sweet talks had been for a purpose and now when he had no purpose all he wanted to talk about was himself or not talk at all. The stories that Meera had accumulated to tell him, the constant reminder that she use to have from him to be winsome and win all and her happiness on being winsome and getting what she wanted, was all lost...he didn't care.

Whether he thought less about Meera or thought it was a lie Meera was not sure. But she was sure he was not worth her worry anymore. She did consider him everything but for him she was nothing special.

She regained her composure and went on a long drive.  This time she is not going to go to “their place” as she did before and relapse into the cold hearted girl she was. She was driving way beyond and not going to look back. She'll stride in style with her winsome smile.

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