Saturday, 1 April 2017


Life is so boring. Office. Home. Office.  Home. It has been four years that I am staying in Pune, away from my family and why, because I have to work and earn. I came to Pune 5 years back an IT engineer from a B grade college in search of a job. The tale of people like us is jobs never come looking for us we look for them.

My family has high hopes from me being the elder of two kids. Somehow I know I will make my name by working hard and make my family proud. This is what brought me to Pune. I am working with a local company but it is aptly said - only a small company can help you learn and grow. In just 4 years from a trainee I am a product manager leading my own team.

Hi, I am Meer and I am an IT professional and as anyone in the IT I am currently fed up with coding world. I have always been close to my CEO, he taught me things like a father teaches his son, yes at times he pokes me too much and gets to my nerves but then there are times we are like best of friends. Over the years, I have worked very hard and developed an understanding of the Web and now of the world around as well. Despite being so close to the CEO, I thought he valued me, had a special place for me in his heart today my name is in the list of people asked to leave as the company is going through a bad phase.

I feel cheated, cheated for all the heart to heart sessions we had, for all the drinks we shared, for all the….don't worry I am theres... This just proves boss and employee can never be friends.

I am 27, single, the one I thought to marry ditched me for another guy, and now soon going to be jobless. But no, I am a doer and all my life I have worked on myself now I just can't let things slip off. I have to get going.

I need to start working on my own business. My company has given me 3 months time to search a job and meanwhile I'll be a regular employee here. Enough said and done having one's own business is way better than working for someone else and getting betrayed at the end.

I will have a billion dollar company and all these people who think I am useless will be the ones who will be jealous of my success. Our company earns so much yet my boss drives in a 5-7 lac sedan, ambition-less person he has no lifestyle. The Day I'll be earning as much as he does I'll always come in my BMW and all will see. But what business can I do??

I was reading the newspaper when my eyes caught today's date it has been 15 days, I have searched so many websites and enrolled for maybe 10s of courses and mails but it is of no avail. I need ideas and more so I need some guidance. Even my online motivational Guru is not helping much. I think I need another anchor here. Anchor yes, I need an anchor but from where? Office?  Friends? Seniors?

My thoughts were interrupted by my boss’s call and he asked me to directly meet him at the clients place. The client has rejected our 5 quotes and now he is planning to give the deal to someone else. And he needs me now, a terminated employee, why, because we need to meet the client and convince him and he always vouched on my negotiation skills.

Anchor, as my Guru says, seek and you shall receive. I don't know if I will ever have an anchor for myself but I am surely an anchor for my boss.