Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Open Relationship

Meera was in the middle of an important meeting yet more than to the presentation, her eyes wandered to her phone. It had been four days that Meer had gone to hi hometown for some personal work.

Before leaving he did mention that he may not get to call her but she was happy as that day not only she but he too spoke his heart out. Meer told her how miserable he was as he was missing her.

Meera was flying high on the words shared between them that day and those were enough for her for the days to come. She did missed Meer a couple of times a day but used to see his picture and think about their times together. Two days back while moving out of the office Meera got a call -- from Meer.

She could barely think straight. She was overjoyed. She simply parked the car on road side and spoke to him. His dreamy voice, she had so longed to hear.

Meera got emotional the moment she heard him call her name. He said he missed her a lot and so the first chance that he got, he called her. Although Meera always found his voice dreamy today it actually sounded as if he had just woken up.

Meer agreed. He had just woke up and Meera was the first thought he had. Meera blushed, she missed him too. After loads of sweet nothings, Meer said it was almost everyday that he missed their kiss. Meera blushed even more.

Meer then came up with another bit. He told her that he was confused about their relationship but now he has some clarity. Meera smiled but didn't say anything.

He said, his parents have given him freedom to settledown as he wants. But he doesn't want to get tied on right now. This distance between them had made him think clearly and he came to the conclusion that they should be in an open relationship.

Meera was shocked. Maybe Meer expected it, he did know her well, he went on to elaborate it. He said they both have families and they are trying to find better halves for them. And given the situation, they both can never get married. So it's better that they accept open relationship. They can stay with each other for as long as they like and fulfill each other's “whims and fancies “.

After all, we are humans and humans have some basic needs - be it hunger for food or the hunger to satiate the craving for another body. All throughout Meera was speechless. They both were on a different plane. Meer started to talk about how he missed her, her long hair, her legs, the way she hugged, the way he felt by her touch.

Meera still had no words to say nor was she in mood to hear any of it. She tried to stay calm and said I am on road and I have to get back home. Let me call you once I reach home. Meer was very aggressive, he asked her not to hung up but keep phone aside while driving. Meera needed to stay absolutely alone to think it through and so finally managed to make him agree.

It had been two days since and Meera hadn't called him. She did get few angry and then sorry messages from him, but she was unable to understand what she wanted. Open relationship, she didn't know what it was and whether she can go through it.

She knew she can never see him with anyone else. Even the mere mention of his ex or any appreciation to any girl would make her sad. He knew it and at times used to tease her too but open relationship!?

Meer kept on saying in his messages- it's better to enjoy now than to repent later. We don't have a future why not enjoy the present. Meera was still thinking about it. She just couldn't decide what she wanted. She wanted to talk to him but didn't know what and how.


  1. Interesting tale, hope Meera does not regret this decision :)

  2. These looks like romantic tale you are writing. Meer and Meera's tale looks interesting.