Friday, 28 April 2017

Xerox copy

Meera was in full bloom, she was the fun, fearless, wild and cool yet sensible and sensitive woman she always aspired to be. Eventually she had let go of her insecurities and anger. She was getting calmer by the day.

She did feel alone at times but had found ways out of it. She was working hard as well as started again at her hobby of sculpture making. She barely had any free time to think negative and feel sad. She was open to meeting new people and hangout without a care in the world.

She had decided to let the past be and cherish its memories and make new fun stories. But the more she tried to forget Meer the harder it was. Almost every guy that she had recently met was a xerox copy of Meer. Whether it was someone’s looks, or the way they walked or the kind of their talks something or the other did remind her of him.

Meera failed to understand whether it was her love for Meer or was it just that he was the only guy with whom she had been so close. Over time she had realized even she didn't want to marry him because he was never the man of her dreams but a part of her heart was ready to let all go just to be with him.


Meer had been living out of his home for quite a many years now and he got used to living alone. Settling in a new city is always pain in the beginning but one has to endure some pain for a better ending. He had his share of highs and lows but he knew the anchor he used to search is none other but he himself.

He did meet a few girls, all good in their own way. He had made a pact for himself, he'll have his share of fun and let his mom search a bride for him. Just for once he met a xerox copy of Meera and he knew he is never going the same Lane again.  She didn't look like her nor she spoke like her, but her choice in books, movies even her zodiac sign were same and it was enough a warning sign for him to stay away.

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