Friday, 7 April 2017

The first Date

Of late Meer was over his boredom of office- home- office- home. Now he was not counting the days left in the company. He had shun the business plans and was applying everywhere for a job, this time he was ready to get a grade lower too if it meant settling in a new city. Another city may open better options for him and if he goes to US then no turning back for sure.

Personally too, he was elated. He liked Meera and though she was unapproachable initially finally she let her guard down. Meer initiated the conversation and today they were going on their first date. After asking her for dinner, then to help him shop for his father finally she agreed on meeting him for coffee.


Meera stood in front of her closet and so many clothes yet she didn't know what to wear. It was the first time she was going on a date after years and on close look she realized she had a professional wardrobe and it was too late to go for shopping Meer had already given her time.

Meer was asking her out since many days but Meera was scared. She didn't know whether she should go with him or not he was way younger than her and she didn't know what will happen next. But then she thought that she needs to take a chance and be open towards everything. Times have changed and so should she. She asked Meer where should they meet and he said he hasn't been very social and so doesn't know many places around. Meera specifically chose a reasonable coffee shop. She didn't want anything to go wrong or give a inferiority complex to Meer. She had always thought a casual first date will be where she'll choose dutch pay but here she was skeptic it may not hurt Meer’s ego.

She picked a red shirt and decided to pair it with a short white skirt and heels to match. She dressed up quickly and without wasting anytime reached the coffee shop, Meer was standing outside. He was his casual self as he had begun being comfortable with Meera and like Meera probably he didn't had any date clothes as was dressed in one of Meera’s most hated shirts of his, but it hardly mattered to her. She was happy looking at him.


Meer had been waiting for 15 minutes when he saw a car halt. And Meera came out wearing a blood red top with white skirt… his heart just skipped a beat and he said to himself ...My red and white teddy bear.

She walked slowly towards him with her naughty smile on and Meer was blank. He didn't know what to do what to say and as usual the first words that came out were… “you are looking good, for the first time “.....shucks… what am I saying and apologised but the damage had been done.


Meera walked upto Meer and all the while he didn't even blink his eyes for once. Meera couldn't help and smiled her usual all-knowing-and-having-fun-smile, he liked the way she looked. They exchanged their hellos and paused. Meera knew he'll compliment herbal what he said was…”you are looking good, for the first time “.....

Meera was taken aback. He apologized but Meera didn't know what to say or what to do, so she just smiled as they moved in awkward silence towards their table.


  1. Ouch that was Awkard!! So many guys get tongue tied or are hard pressed to think of a proper compliment when faced with a woman they fancy.

    Flower power

    1. HAHAHA.....
      it's awkward for both and the first one is always more embarassed :)