Saturday, 15 April 2017


Meer got a call from his home and he had to urgently rush to his home town. He had always been calm and so today too he packed his belongings neatly and called a cab. As he sat in the cab he called Meera instantly to inform. His concern was not just to inform her but he also wanted to tell her that he won't be able to speak to her much. He didn't want her to feel ignored. She had been very understanding all the time, yes she does gets possessive of him on and off especially when he mentions his ex but that is because she cares for him.

Meer had some personal errands to run and so he had to rush out. He sat in the bus and all the more he tried to think about the work and how he is going to go through it the more he missed Meera. He wanted to speak to her more.


Meera was sad, she had just had a word with Meer and he had some family problem so had to go back home. She was sad because he won't be in the city for few days, but what troubled her more was that they won't be able to speak too. She missed him everyday, she couldn't forget how much she missed him when they hadn't spoken for 4 days.

It had been days that Meera read anything. It was almost every night that Meer used to call her and they used to talk and those talks used to go on for hours. But today there was no such thing. She took out an old book which she had left in middle as it was during this book that she met Meer. She took a cup of hot chocolate along and sat along side the french window in her room facing her lush lawn. Her favorite spot to unwind to the land of stories. Over the past days it had become her dreamy spot to sit and chat with Meer too.

As she opened her book, her phone rang again, it was Meer. She got scared, Why is he calling again when he said he won't be able to speak for a few days? Is he ok??

She received the call and asked him if he was ok? He didn't say anything just took a deep breath. It further took her breath away, she was getting nervous. He took another deep breath and said - " Meera I am feeling miserable. I want to tell you something."

Meera got scared. He was going back home all of a sudden and now he wants to confess something, her heart was beating faster. She was getting all sorts of negative thoughts in her mind but she couldn't show how she felt so took a moment and asked him what happened?? what was he talking about??

Meer said - " I am feeling miserable. i have to confess, I miss you a lot. I did tell you I won't be able to speak to you much and just the thought is making me miserable. I had to call you. Let's talk till I get there."