Thursday, 20 April 2017

The quiet

Meer lay in his bed. There was a serene quietness all around. It was totally soundless world. He lay there looking at the ceiling and looking on his right, Meera cuddled beside him, her hair covered her face and Meer very carefully set them aside without waking her up.

Last night was they and their unrestricted selves. He devoured her and she enjoyed. Meer always had a fascination for the quiet and this was his bliss. He may not have cared for her much but the little touch and her body's coil gave him a sense of satisfaction. Meer tightly held Meera and closed his eyes, he was going to have a sound sleep after all.


Meera woke up and found Meer’s arms wrapped around her. She smiled thinking about last night and snuggled more into him. The quiet surrounding was perfect for her to replay every moment of last night. It was her first and she knew his fragrance is not going to leave her body for long.

She wanted to live in this quietness for as much as she can, just the two of them together and as if the world has become still. She especially wanted the world to go still and forget about time, days and work all she hear was there deep breaths.

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