Tuesday, 11 April 2017


It was third time in a 15 minutes that Meera checked her phone. It was 11.10 pm the usual time around which she and Meer chatted or spoke over the phone.

It had been 3 days Meer hadn't spoken to her. It was not like they used to chat all day along. They used to talk only at night and though Meera found it a bit strange but was OK, they were not teenagers any more besides she liked it that he was just like her and prioritized work over everything else.

Meera did called him one day but he said he was busy and will call back and 2 days there was no call. Meera felt dejected, isolated. This was one relationship she got into but had never shared with anyone about it. Not even her closest friends. She did wanted to, but thought to take some time and clarity about the relationship and then share with her friends. Now she was feeling isolated, she had thousands of thoughts in her mind but couldn't share with anyone and get some advice.


Meer was on a high horse and he knew now there's no stopping him. He was enjoying what the universe was sending his way. His ex flame was showering him all the attention and asking for almost every single thing. Today she even complimented him in a very unique style… he could barely get those words out of his mind since morning - “Did anyone tell you, you are looking very handsome today. “she said.. He was living in the moment.

He had a call from Meera two days back but avoided, he didnt want to speak to her, he was in no mood to pamper her, girls and their dramas...the isolation is much better for some days. Actually he was not feeling like talking to her. He was attracted to her but over the period of few days he was confused. She was intelligent but a fool enough who can be used by him the way he liked. All girls are like that, its best to know how to make the most of everything around. She had been her anchor at the time he needed and he can use the same as and when he needed. Perfect.

So he needs a good plan. Yes, plan to isolate for few days and talk to her like let's say twice a week. She'll get used to it and then there won't be any hassles. If in case she does, he can always work his charm on her. He knows what she likes, maybe he is getting close to what Women like. His ex is also enjoying his company more than before. For now, he can enjoy everything that he likes.


  1. Nicely portrayed the character Kadambari. These kind of boys get their share of embarrassment sometime in life.