Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Unique Relationship

Meer had settled in Bangalore. The first 15 days in the city and the city was treating him good. He found a good studio apartment on 4th floor of a commercial building. It was amidst city and the window at one end gave him the view of entire bustling city….his perfect fast paced cosmopolitan city.

He was getting used to the new office and the environment. He hadn't made any friends yet but had been amicable and so never was alone. He stood by the window with a tea cup and contemplated on his journey so far. He was happy on his achievements. His family had high hopes from him and he was able to realize them.

He was also able to do what he really wanted to do. He always wanted to be a ladies man and today he was. Before leaving the city he met his ex over dinner and they bonded really well. He even carried her along, in his heart. They were back to their usual selves and almost talked every night for hours. They were not “together “ yet but they will soon.

Another girl from his previous office had also shown interest and now they were in long-distance-relationship and he knew well how to manage both the girls without letting one know about the other.

Then he remembered Meera. He was in love with her. She was beautiful, delicate, a soft kind heart, intelligent, actually she was nothing like the other girls and that drew him to her. Overtime Meer had realized that they are not meant to be together not because she was getting attached to him but because now he didn't want to stay bounded or attached with just one person. He knew, she cared for him a lot but he knew there were too many fishes in the pond.

He did care for her as well. He informed her as soon as he got news of his selection in the new job. Their relationship was actually very unique. There was a time they used to talk to each other everyday. Then there came a time the calls turned to twice a week, still it used to be as if they just spoke an hour ago.

She never pretended a thing in front of him and he too could speak his heart out to her. He never hid any of his feelings from her whether they were about her or someone else. Infact he had just spoken to her once after he came here and told her about his ex and the other girl.

She never complained of talking less or talking about others. Yes, she did get jealous if talked more about others but he knew how to make it up to her, and she will blush till the end. He could tease her and make her cry. He could make her forget the world with his smile. She was jovial like a child when with him and had an air that demanded attention wherever she went. No wonder all used to like her. There was something, something unique in this relationship and he didn't want to let it go.

For some reasons he always loved living this unique relationship. He used to get what he wanted and he still can get what he wants from her. He didn't love her now but neither he nor she ever said “I love you” to the other. He never said because the feeling had long gone but never understood why she never said it.

He had to stay in touch with her for both professional and personal reasons. She was owning a good company and working hard to scale new heights and personally, he knew, if all went down, he can always rely on her.

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