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Book review : Faith And The Beloved by Kochery C Shibu

Are you someone who trusts easily or you find it hard to trust people? 
Faith and Beloved is written by Kochery C Shibu is a thriller. 
'When you trusted ones betray you, you must learn to turn betrayal in to trust'. 
The story starts with a murder. Tony D'souza is murdered and Alice is on a run. Alice finds two underworld men reaching the flat just as she tries to escape. Well, I cannot even write the blurb and the author has written the entire thriller so intricately. 
So the story starts with a murder. And then the author lays out the characters and the story that led to the murder, chapter by chapter. So with the first two chapters the story has just begun and it doesn’t make full sense. But as one reads the following chapters everything starts making sense. As the name suggests, it is about love and treachery... and the author uses the entire plot to explain how one thing leads to another and how we all are interconnected. 
The story is thorough and well laid. The events …

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