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GOALS 2022

Happy New Year!! And happier to have a new notebook to write my new goals...yay!! I have always been in love with fresh new notebooks, journals, diaries...the fragrance is what keeps me lingering onto them for long. So 2022 is the first year I set out to do this entire process of goal setting and breaking it down into bits of actionable tasks, distributed over the entire year to do. In short...a TO-DO list ...another thing I love to make..made out in advance. Reading and writing have been two of my constants since the past couple of years. I have had this blog for long...yeah never consistent blogger though...and have a writing personal blog on  Instagram I always want to write but somehow the day job and mindless scrolling takes over sitting and writing. Reading...something I have pursued from childhood but again with the "adulting" is lost somewhere. I have been setting a TBR target on goodreads for 2 years now but never touched the half either. But this year has to be diff

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