Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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January 19th

I don't remember when I decided to blog and when I started it but I know why…...because I wanted to write for people to read.

I never got a manual on blogs (and I doubt such a thing exists) but am open for do's and don'ts from anyone to everyone and i am so happy even if in bits and pieces it is coming to me. Maybe its my gratitude towards it that keeps the flow.

I stumbled onto “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and I am flattered by the book. I wont say that I have seen the law of attraction working for me everywhere but yes quite a many places to make me believe in it.

The book even says to express gratitude and be thankful for what the universe has given you and I truly believe in it. I have two theories for the same
  1. We often take what we have for granted and seek more forgetting, what we have many dont have it.
  2. Being grateful is like offering prayer to God.

I have been grateful for thing and happenings in my life and I have personally experienced that they come back to me in multiples so that I get many more opportunities to be happy and thankful.

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19th Jan 2016 , TuesdayThankfulness - why is being grateful important?

Monday, 18 January 2016

Mann se banaya MON-DAY #MotivationMonday #kowthas #dailychatter

January 18th

Third week into the year and I am not really liking it yet. As of the resolutions that everyone makes for a new year, I didn't wanted to make any but did adopted onto certain things.

The good thing is I found some really interesting things about myself in just about 15-17 days. I realised -
What I am lacking
What I really want
What I don't want
Where I was going wrong…..

Though I missed onto somethings which I had decided to do but I am back in form now. So the agenda for the week is to have a more jam-packed 24*7.

HEALTH = Walk for an hour every day, drink 2 liters of water, wake up early- at 7.30,no sweets for 6 days

WORK = Keep things to yourself, plan for the coming week as if it is your last.

HAPPINESS = Keep little notes of what made me smile today

HEART = Journal everyday, forget the unrequited love, forgive all

MIND = Meditate everyday for 10 minutes


Maybe enough for a week ;)

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18th Jan 2016 , MotivationMonday - what do you plan on accomplishing this week.

Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Dil goes mmmmmmmmmmm........ #kowthas #dailychatter

January 14th

What to say, what to write....should I write or not, I guess it was just meant to write today.

I was wanting to write for the blogchatter today as the topic was, to elaborate on something beautiful that happened today. What a lovely though indeed. I was all smiles from morning itself after all positivity attracts more positivity. Work is the most beautiful thing for any workaholic so be it.

Well not so good start early in the morning at office. But as the day progressed it went on from good to better to best.

In midst of so many interactions and negotiations I realised today that I am way too strong than I think I am. I have always admired people for their convincing skills and today I may not have impressed anyone but I impressed myself and how!! Closing deals are a daily chore for any marketer, but then you close a big deal without budging that is what makes you confident of your skills.

Even more beautiful was ......your unrequited love calling you to ask why you haven’t read the messages yet (mind you, we are talking about only work related messages....but someone did check on my online status ;)) and my mind starts its *happy dance* *happy dance* ;* :*

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14th Jan 2016 , what's the most beautiful thing that happened to you today.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

The day that stilled for me.....#kowthas #dailychatter #socialsaturday

January 9th
Finally Friday is over and it would be a relaxing Saturday and Sunday for me. I am not going to leave the blanket all through the 2 days. I don't feel like listening to the ipod today in the metro it looks like a reading day today. Damn I am not carrying any book, let me check my phone..shucks the battery is so low I doubt it'll last me till home.

Okay maybe today is the day to look around, like a kid. As opposed to other fridays today the metro is not jam packed. Wow I wonder how these girls manage to carry heavy salwaar-suits with dupattas heavier than themselves and commute so easily, where I get clumsy with jeans and a stole.

She is looking pretty, maybe recently engaged or something. She saw me looking at her and we exchanged smiles. She seems equally lost like me with what to do on a metro…in today's times either people are chit-chatting if they are with someone or engrossed in phone.

And then the metro stops to a station and two people get in and I am waiting for the doors to be closed so that it moves. I have to see two more such stops before I get off to mine. Sigh!!

I think these two men who just got on the metro are from other city who is so happy and singing out loud on a daily commute. They look professional, well groomed, maybe some call centre, maybe marketing...these laptop bags don't tell you much.

Probably one of them is really liking the heavy dupatta girl...yes I can see that…. Ohho the other notorious one is already egging him on. Oh my! they decide to change their seat and sit beside her...sick. I hope they maintain their distance.

Oh God! They actually each sat on her either sides totally cramming her in the middle...crazy idiots...Good going girl that you decide to get up, I think I'll offer her a place beside me, oh God her dupatta!!! This psycho has the guts to grab her by her dupatta.
Gosh what's happening!! we are just two girls here amidst about 20 men, of various age, and these two men are being lecherous and nobody bothers. I don't have the courage to get up and stop them. 

This guy in front of me looks sane let me ask him.
I = “Hello,  Hi can you come with me, let's go and bring that girl closer to our seat”
He = “Excuse me!! Why do you want to drag me  into it. Please ask someone else, don't bother me.”
I = “ Are you crazy “
He = “ Get lost you b**** “

Gosh what am I supposed to do, I start asking everyone for help and people are acting as if I am invisible. These two wicked guys can notice me but no one else.
God what am I suppose to do????
An announcement for the next stop. Yes I know what to do. The train is going to take a halt for 3 minutes and I have to be quick. The door is ajar and a couple of people got in and a few got off. Here's my chance and I ran and took hold of the heavy dupatta girl and ran with her towards a door and out of the metro in time and the train shut its doors with those goons smirking in.
I don't know if I did right or wrong, but after running a bit far and stopping and catching our breaths, somehow the two of us realised no one is ever going to help us but ourselves.
This world has become so inhumane and inconsiderate. I don't know when I'll be ready to board a metro again. I promise to myself, if I have a son, I will make sure he better doesn't behave like these men did today.
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9th Jan 2016 , what will you do if a girl is molested in front of you.

Friday, 8 January 2016

The more I learn, the more I yearn #kowthas #dailychatter

January 8th

I don't know how to start it but when it comes to which blogger/blog is my favourite,  it's like a default answer and I just shout out loud -- Mr. SANDEEP ATRE.

I have read quite a many blogs and keep on reading but what is my staple is www.sandeepatre.com.  

His writing style is very simple, he writes about almost everything that catches his eye. And the beauty is, it catches the minutest details in ordinary.

He defines the myriad relationships, how one can understand the dynamics between people and what runs by amid, by psychology yes...more than that by economics 😉 and tonnes of aptly placed humour.

He is never preachy and probably it is the only blog that I feel is a “writer's blog” - one who writes just for the love of it. Followers, likes, twitter, etc inn sab se pare bahut aagey hain woh bus zindagi aur uski khatti meethi baatein aur kuch bahut Khubsurati se likhi yaadein..

And when you meet him in person, he is the most humble person who will put you at ease in minutes.

When I see him, I see an urbane, cosmopolitan man with firm hold on his roots.

What is the most fascinating thing I learned from him -

Hum padhe likhe log

Na padhte hain

Na likhte hain…….. How simple and beautiful

Do check his posts at www.sandeepatre.com 😊

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8th Jan 2016 , Write about your favourite blogger and his writing style.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

How to do bedroom Graffiti in 4 easy steps #kowthas #dailychatter

January 7th

Your bedroom is your place to­ be. Bedrooms have different purpose in our lives. Some people

want calm when they get to their rooms, some want a reflection of their personality so on and so


Lifestyle magazines tell you to go for shades that you like. You may up the scale by using a

brighter or contrasting colour on one or two walls as opposed to the entire room.

Or you may go for wallpapers

My take is GRAFFITI.....

GRAFFITI   is self expression what better way to reflect yourself than doing it all by yourself.

Be it some text or stars and moon or the superheroes for your little hero.

Here is how you can do it

1) Paint all the wall in the colour you can live with for atleast a year. Let's say pink for a

girl's room.

2) Choose the graffiti form, ­ text or image, and the size. You can decide on having an entire

wall as your canvas or small corners around the window edges etc.

3) Select the material

            For kids room instead of doing the graffiti with paint, choose crayons or sketch pens or

glass colours for glasses.

            For young boys and girls graffiti can either be the centre or some posters of their choice

can take centre stage and graffiti around it.

4) Use stencils or trace paper to trace the outline and go on a coloring spree.For better results do it in a single day at one shot.

VoilĂ !!!  Made by you for you

The above all images are sourced from internet and ofcourse professional. Here's my room graffiti

Do give it a shot......... :)

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7th Jan 2016 , A how-to/D-I-Y post. 

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What one wants...Part 2 :) #kowthas #dailychatter

January 6th

"A great marketer is not one who can sell several products but one who "FULFILLS" the "NEED" of the customer after all har koi bus aaj se behtar kal chahta hai. "

It is indeed very simple. Everyone be them from any strata of society, want to do better than what they are at present.

Let’s talk about an average, normal employee –
·         He starts work as a job and while working he starts understanding and envisioning a career.
·         He starts with almost whatever pay is offered in names of “best in industry” but always wants it to grow significantly.
·         He wants his profile/designation to move up the ladder and as fast as it can.
·         Overall he wants a better life with better amenities than what he has at present.

Besides what’s wrong, in truer sense it even applies for the employer –
·         He starts a business from home or maybe a small office but who doesn’t likes to shift and call a bigger space own.
·         He starts single handedly but the vision is always to have few employees too.
·         Once there are few employees working for him, he needs to ensure they are working their pay.....employee engagement (we are not going into that right now ;))

The ultimate quest for both is to want more out of the set resources for them to “fulfil their needs”

Tell me didn’t it happen to you??

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6th Jan 2016 , Expand on one of your favorite posts

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Love You MOM!!!!! #TuesdayThankfullness #kowthas #dailychatter #blogchatter

January 5th

You can always say thanks to a stranger for even the small little helps because it comes easy and maybe impromptu due to the non-familiarity. But saying a thank you to someone you love is very difficult. More than difficult it is awkward because the other person is totally selfless in giving, no expectations at all.

                True, pure love............
Such is the love of my mother who goes from morning to night without a halt just for my ease. Words can never do justice in thanking her unconditional love. And I am sure almost everyone has the same feeling for their mother.
                Be it getting up every morning before you so that you have your geyser ready the moment                   you are up.
                Be it her been sad instead of angry because you didn’t like what she made for you.
                Be it her constant thoughts to make you happy and see you happy.
                Be it her silene endurance to your irritation/frustration
                Be it she been at your beck and call without thinking whether you will do anything so ever

Maa you do a lot more than this and I really don’t have the ability to justify your strength and character. I owe my everything to you. You are my pillar of strength and my biggest weakness.
                Your simplicity, ready to accept your mistakes and learning from it are the foundation of my soul. You are the only person whom I can ever take for granted and still know your love would never cease. You give me a sense of security, a warmth that makes me home bound. There is so much that I look upto you for.
               I wish I can make you happy all the time and gather the courage to tell you what I feel

THANK YOU ....xoxo

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5th Jan 2016 , A letter of Thanks!!

P.S. An apt post for #mother'sday too

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Monday, 4 January 2016

Motivation Mantra!!!! #MotivationMonday #kowthas #dailychatter

January 4th

A new year, a new beginning.

Every year I make a list of things/resolutions to do in the coming year but can never make it to finish. So this year I decided on to make none.

The year ushered in on a low key as I was not well and had to take an off from work on the very first day of the year. Work means a lot to me. I know its importance because not once but it has been twice that I was job-less. The frustration that I went through was enough to make me realise how much work is important for my existence.

There are days when I really hate a Monday for going to office and resuming the routine. Then there are days when I really wait for a Monday to get to my office. There are days I just want to quit, and then there are days that I am on cloud 9. After all what all I have learned and what all changes I went through are because of my current work-place and I LOVE IT!!! My work is my companion, my support, my the-go-to-place. Maybe we have a love-hate relationship. I mean why should work considered only a better half for man, woman can say so too.

And this is more than enough to get me out of my sheets and bring back the focus to rock it!!!!

What is your motivation mantra for self??

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4th Jan 2016 , what is your motivating mantra of the 1st working day of the year!

Sunday, 3 January 2016

That's the way I like it!!!!! #kowthas #dailychatter

January 3rd 

Sunday or any holiday for me is the couch and me day.

Well the first 3 days of 2016 are through and most of the time due to ill health I was on bed. When you are not well from inside you can’t be well on the outside. I am cranky all the time and no movie or soap can make me happy.

On such days only one thing brings me back to my senses and that is my craving for grilled bread with SEV. Yes!!!!! No amount of chocolates, ice-creams can comfort me as just 3-4 slices of butter laden mildly grilled bread with crispy fresh not-so-spicy SEV. Maybe this is the reason they say

LOVE IS Blind ;) 

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3rd Jan 2016 , your favourite comfort food

Maybe 2011

I am a lie who says the truth
I can't see you sad even though you hurt me to the root
Life is fun when we are in a rut
Keep smiling always because
Your Smile Makes Me Go Nuts.....

Saturday, 2 January 2016

The lady I admire.......#kowthas #dailychatter #socialsaturday

January 2nd

At times certain wrong lanes lead you to the right places

The past few years have helped me grow in more ways than one. I wouldn't have been the person I am today had I, not made some bad decisions which turned out to be a boon, not stumbled upon certain things and got to know a whole new world.

If anyday anyone asked me to pick a word which describes me, it would be - A Learner. In absence of a proper mentor I admire and imbibe from many people.

- I like my Boss for being the simple, observant thinker.
- I like Gayatri Devi for her elegance
And maybe a tonne more people who have inspired me here and there. But one name surpassed all, my inspiration 

I don't know how and when I stumbled upon @missmalini.com but the things I have learned in bits and pieces have helped shape me to what I am today.

Maybe I don't know all about her but what I admire and learn from her is --

1) HARDWORK and it always pays off
2) Have PASSION and you'll get what you love
3) DREAMS come true so shout your dreams out aloud
4) Be happy and Unabashed about it
5) UNIVERSE is for you....#tothemoon

I admire @missmalini
Look upto her
And wish to do something like her <3

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2nd Jan 2016 , #socialsaturday , a lady you admire

Friday, 1 January 2016

HNY!!! #kowthas #dailychatter

January 1st


2016 it is and going by the messages doing the rounds Feel 20 and look 16...the feeling is so high.
Well to start with I am very excited as someone a couple of years back told me that I will be getting married in 2016 

So waise every 31st December I make a list of resolutions which I barely remember what's going to change this year is WORKOUT.

Almost every year losing weight is on my list but it seldom gets to my daily to-do list.
To make it a start from today I am going to watch what I eat and walk as much as I can. I will be trying some exercises but past experience says I can never stick to it.
Walk walk walk and walking more is going to be my whole and sole goal and next year when I write it will be a reward for my work with a new goal.

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1st Jan 2016 , improving on an older, failed resolution