Monday, 4 January 2016

Motivation Mantra!!!! #MotivationMonday #kowthas #dailychatter

January 4th

A new year, a new beginning.

Every year I make a list of things/resolutions to do in the coming year but can never make it to finish. So this year I decided on to make none.

The year ushered in on a low key as I was not well and had to take an off from work on the very first day of the year. Work means a lot to me. I know its importance because not once but it has been twice that I was job-less. The frustration that I went through was enough to make me realise how much work is important for my existence.

There are days when I really hate a Monday for going to office and resuming the routine. Then there are days when I really wait for a Monday to get to my office. There are days I just want to quit, and then there are days that I am on cloud 9. After all what all I have learned and what all changes I went through are because of my current work-place and I LOVE IT!!! My work is my companion, my support, my the-go-to-place. Maybe we have a love-hate relationship. I mean why should work considered only a better half for man, woman can say so too.

And this is more than enough to get me out of my sheets and bring back the focus to rock it!!!!

What is your motivation mantra for self??

*Post is part of January blogathon by #blogchatter as a #dailychatter
4th Jan 2016 , what is your motivating mantra of the 1st working day of the year!

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  1. For me also work is a big resort. It keeps me busy keeps me sane. When I am low I usually work for more than 10 hours to keep myself occupied. Well written.