Tuesday, 19 January 2016

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January 19th

I don't remember when I decided to blog and when I started it but I know why…...because I wanted to write for people to read.

I never got a manual on blogs (and I doubt such a thing exists) but am open for do's and don'ts from anyone to everyone and i am so happy even if in bits and pieces it is coming to me. Maybe its my gratitude towards it that keeps the flow.

I stumbled onto “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne and I am flattered by the book. I wont say that I have seen the law of attraction working for me everywhere but yes quite a many places to make me believe in it.

The book even says to express gratitude and be thankful for what the universe has given you and I truly believe in it. I have two theories for the same
  1. We often take what we have for granted and seek more forgetting, what we have many dont have it.
  2. Being grateful is like offering prayer to God.

I have been grateful for thing and happenings in my life and I have personally experienced that they come back to me in multiples so that I get many more opportunities to be happy and thankful.

*Post is part of January blogathon by #blogchatter as a #dailychatter

19th Jan 2016 , TuesdayThankfulness - why is being grateful important?

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