Wednesday, 6 January 2016

What one wants...Part 2 :) #kowthas #dailychatter

January 6th

"A great marketer is not one who can sell several products but one who "FULFILLS" the "NEED" of the customer after all har koi bus aaj se behtar kal chahta hai. "

It is indeed very simple. Everyone be them from any strata of society, want to do better than what they are at present.

Let’s talk about an average, normal employee –
·         He starts work as a job and while working he starts understanding and envisioning a career.
·         He starts with almost whatever pay is offered in names of “best in industry” but always wants it to grow significantly.
·         He wants his profile/designation to move up the ladder and as fast as it can.
·         Overall he wants a better life with better amenities than what he has at present.

Besides what’s wrong, in truer sense it even applies for the employer –
·         He starts a business from home or maybe a small office but who doesn’t likes to shift and call a bigger space own.
·         He starts single handedly but the vision is always to have few employees too.
·         Once there are few employees working for him, he needs to ensure they are working their pay.....employee engagement (we are not going into that right now ;))

The ultimate quest for both is to want more out of the set resources for them to “fulfil their needs”

Tell me didn’t it happen to you??

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