Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Love You MOM!!!!! #TuesdayThankfullness #kowthas #dailychatter #blogchatter

January 5th

You can always say thanks to a stranger for even the small little helps because it comes easy and maybe impromptu due to the non-familiarity. But saying a thank you to someone you love is very difficult. More than difficult it is awkward because the other person is totally selfless in giving, no expectations at all.

                True, pure love............
Such is the love of my mother who goes from morning to night without a halt just for my ease. Words can never do justice in thanking her unconditional love. And I am sure almost everyone has the same feeling for their mother.
                Be it getting up every morning before you so that you have your geyser ready the moment                   you are up.
                Be it her been sad instead of angry because you didn’t like what she made for you.
                Be it her constant thoughts to make you happy and see you happy.
                Be it her silene endurance to your irritation/frustration
                Be it she been at your beck and call without thinking whether you will do anything so ever

Maa you do a lot more than this and I really don’t have the ability to justify your strength and character. I owe my everything to you. You are my pillar of strength and my biggest weakness.
                Your simplicity, ready to accept your mistakes and learning from it are the foundation of my soul. You are the only person whom I can ever take for granted and still know your love would never cease. You give me a sense of security, a warmth that makes me home bound. There is so much that I look upto you for.
               I wish I can make you happy all the time and gather the courage to tell you what I feel

THANK YOU ....xoxo

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5th Jan 2016 , A letter of Thanks!!

P.S. An apt post for #mother'sday too

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