Saturday, 9 January 2016

The day that stilled for me.....#kowthas #dailychatter #socialsaturday

January 9th
Finally Friday is over and it would be a relaxing Saturday and Sunday for me. I am not going to leave the blanket all through the 2 days. I don't feel like listening to the ipod today in the metro it looks like a reading day today. Damn I am not carrying any book, let me check my phone..shucks the battery is so low I doubt it'll last me till home.

Okay maybe today is the day to look around, like a kid. As opposed to other fridays today the metro is not jam packed. Wow I wonder how these girls manage to carry heavy salwaar-suits with dupattas heavier than themselves and commute so easily, where I get clumsy with jeans and a stole.

She is looking pretty, maybe recently engaged or something. She saw me looking at her and we exchanged smiles. She seems equally lost like me with what to do on a metro…in today's times either people are chit-chatting if they are with someone or engrossed in phone.

And then the metro stops to a station and two people get in and I am waiting for the doors to be closed so that it moves. I have to see two more such stops before I get off to mine. Sigh!!

I think these two men who just got on the metro are from other city who is so happy and singing out loud on a daily commute. They look professional, well groomed, maybe some call centre, maybe marketing...these laptop bags don't tell you much.

Probably one of them is really liking the heavy dupatta girl...yes I can see that…. Ohho the other notorious one is already egging him on. Oh my! they decide to change their seat and sit beside her...sick. I hope they maintain their distance.

Oh God! They actually each sat on her either sides totally cramming her in the middle...crazy idiots...Good going girl that you decide to get up, I think I'll offer her a place beside me, oh God her dupatta!!! This psycho has the guts to grab her by her dupatta.
Gosh what's happening!! we are just two girls here amidst about 20 men, of various age, and these two men are being lecherous and nobody bothers. I don't have the courage to get up and stop them. 

This guy in front of me looks sane let me ask him.
I = “Hello,  Hi can you come with me, let's go and bring that girl closer to our seat”
He = “Excuse me!! Why do you want to drag me  into it. Please ask someone else, don't bother me.”
I = “ Are you crazy “
He = “ Get lost you b**** “

Gosh what am I supposed to do, I start asking everyone for help and people are acting as if I am invisible. These two wicked guys can notice me but no one else.
God what am I suppose to do????
An announcement for the next stop. Yes I know what to do. The train is going to take a halt for 3 minutes and I have to be quick. The door is ajar and a couple of people got in and a few got off. Here's my chance and I ran and took hold of the heavy dupatta girl and ran with her towards a door and out of the metro in time and the train shut its doors with those goons smirking in.
I don't know if I did right or wrong, but after running a bit far and stopping and catching our breaths, somehow the two of us realised no one is ever going to help us but ourselves.
This world has become so inhumane and inconsiderate. I don't know when I'll be ready to board a metro again. I promise to myself, if I have a son, I will make sure he better doesn't behave like these men did today.
*Post is part of January blogathon by #blogchatter as a #dailychatter
9th Jan 2016 , what will you do if a girl is molested in front of you.

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