Monday, 18 January 2016

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January 18th

Third week into the year and I am not really liking it yet. As of the resolutions that everyone makes for a new year, I didn't wanted to make any but did adopted onto certain things.

The good thing is I found some really interesting things about myself in just about 15-17 days. I realised -
What I am lacking
What I really want
What I don't want
Where I was going wrong…..

Though I missed onto somethings which I had decided to do but I am back in form now. So the agenda for the week is to have a more jam-packed 24*7.

HEALTH = Walk for an hour every day, drink 2 liters of water, wake up early- at 7.30,no sweets for 6 days

WORK = Keep things to yourself, plan for the coming week as if it is your last.

HAPPINESS = Keep little notes of what made me smile today

HEART = Journal everyday, forget the unrequited love, forgive all

MIND = Meditate everyday for 10 minutes


Maybe enough for a week ;)

*Post is part of January blogathon by #blogchatter as a #dailychatter
18th Jan 2016 , MotivationMonday - what do you plan on accomplishing this week.

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