Sunday, 11 May 2014

The untold story

Even today I remember it so well seeing her the first time. It was her first day at work and as much as I noticed her as being a new joinee even she noticed me as a colleague. A very simple, elegant and confident girl, she had all the characteristics to be a wealth manager. I was impressed and what I liked most was her leopard print bag...could hardly get my eyes off it.
Days passed though we barely got to interact being from different departments but it was always nice to catch on. Eventually we got to know each other, got to know we had some common friends and developed a unique bond. I can’t call us friends but yes we were there together and rendered a shoulder to each other at few times. We did share the annoying view on office politics and the way people used to behave in various circumstances.

She had joined the bank after me and resigned before me as she had a serious back problem. But the way she recovered the same was brilliant. And soon she joined new job and life was giving her everything that she desired.

A hindi film loving girl, living the picture perfect life. Fun with friends, pouring her heart out on social network, the Ice tea hangouts and the bhuttas by road side..... She met the kind of guy she always wanted and soon took the love flight and got married.

It was her b’day on Saturday and I missed it been busy in a friends sister’s wedding, I wished her a day later. And on Tuesday it was her anniversary ...first wedding anniversary.....but this time there was no post......she is no more. And her absence is killing and more so such sudden occurrence.
On Wednesday I got a message from another colleague that she passed away. I was shocked and for 5 minutes I was just arguing with her that she is mistaken and she should'nt say such a thing...but unfortunately it was true. What happened, why, how.....but why...and why should it happen to her.

I admired her being the strong, level-headed, confident girl of 21st century. She was intelligent, always voicing for what she believed in, ready to do anything for her family and above all ready to LIVE life.

I am shocked for what happened is beyond comprehension. It was a happy b’day and what went wrong that she had to take adieu the very first wedding anniversary of her life? Why was she destined to such an end? It’s sad to see a smiley face no more....never to hear her effervescent self again with some chirpy likes or comments.

Her departure is an untold story of how, what, why and when......

RIP babes...will miss you.