Thursday, 10 May 2018

Reflecting on the A2Z challenge 2018

After a month long daily blogging coming to terms to sit and blog, even if it is a reflection post is very difficult for a lazy person like me.

April is a month where all around the world bloggers blog daily using the cue of the alphabet letters. I started this two years ago and honestly no matter how tedious it is, I am addicted to it.

This was my third year of participating in #AprilAtoZChallenge. Right after my last year attempt I had planned that I'll be better prepared for next time but you know lazy lady that I am, I didn't do anything. The theme was decided in a fix, which you can read more about in my Theme Reveal 2018 blog post. And then there was daily writing for each letter of the alphabets.

Yes, in this past one month I did learn the importance of planning, and how!

I took up the theme of - "Dessert driven love anecdotes" and decided to connote it with desserts and come April I started the same. I hadn't realized what I am going to do about - Q, X , Y and Z, which actually broke to me a day before I was to write for Q. With a lot of research and asking my support group for their pointers I could actually make it in time and on point.

I am grateful to have the constant support of the amazing #Blogchatter community. The people at blogchatter not just push you but also stand by you to finish what we all as a team started. From the amazing DM group to the secret tasks and of course the lure of goodies, it was a joy ride and quiet a motivation all throughout for a person like me....yes, I love getting gifts, who doesn't  :)

In case you are wondering that in order to read my posts you'll have to keep scrolling through the blog, don't worry. I am planning an ebook, compiling the content of this challenge as well as some other favorites of mine.

So stay tuned and I'll unravel my coffee table book - in the #Blogchatter ebook carnival.