Monday, 6 January 2014

Miss u..bunty and bubly

I had always wished to own a goldfish but never could because my dad and mom use to say no. This new year as part of my new year resolution, I decided to do what I always wanted to- To live My Favourite Life....and here comes my little babies.
One of my colleague got fishes for herself and so I asked her to get one for me and she got me TWO..yay!
Stealthily I went out of home without telling anybody what I am going to get and my babies came home.
But nobody welcomed them home not a single member and just in a day they were set off. I went to the office and before the day ended mom send my servant to office with the fishes to give away. Mamma ne unhe ghar se nikal diya mera bachchas....miss u babies..
I was not able to keep them because ghar me itni jagah bhi ni hai. But chahiye mujhe meri fishy...maybe not today but someday I want a goldfish to look at everyday that I get back home. I want to talk to fishy and look into its eyes and wink with a flying kiss...aha!