Wednesday, 28 August 2013


Coming down stairs towards the lobby I saw this girl half sitting half lying on the sofa.
A delicate frame with Wild black hair, eyes hidden behind a pair of glasses, tapping her feet on music,  totally engrossed in the newspaper. And I just knew it was love all over again.
I went near where she was sitting but she barely acknowledged my presence. I sat beside her feet yet she couldn't feel.
I knew it would have been better if I was a newspaper instead of being me and began to flip through my phone as I barely would make news for her.flipping through e-news for Business and economy these days can actually make you forget anything to everything. And bang! I get a peck on my cheek and she got back to where she was after giving me the naught-iest miss-in-a-blink wink ;-)
And Even after over a year of our marriage my wife never stops surprising me <3 and "I"- was averse to!!
It's not marriage's marrying the right one for you

Friday, 9 August 2013

My Work Diary

I did my graduation in the field my dad thought I should go to. I did my MBA because my dad said it is the best thing to do. I always had my heart on Marketing but Dad said Finance would be the best. I never knew when but to work in a bank became my dream. A dream which came true pretty soon. But created a bitter place for something which was hidden deep in my heart.  But where your heart is not at peace how can you stay there for long.
Approximately 4 years later, I hitted on another job. Though I never wanted it because of the bad experiences of past but desperation or destiny brought the heart to what it always seeked. With so many doubts I began my rendezvous with M-A-R-K-E-T-I-N-G.

It is so aptly said...a large organization is always good to work for the brand it already is but for those lifelong learnings only a small organization can make you meet the real passion.