Monday, 20 March 2017

Theme Reveal #AtoZchallenge

As the clock ticks 12:00 and the calendar changes the date, 20th Mar 2017 it is!
The theme reveal day for AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2017.

This is my second year of participating in the challenge and though I haven't scheduled any posts yet as opposed to last year, I am not anxious at all. This challenge has already set its place in my life and I know I'll be able to come out of it better than before.

I have already set my heart on a theme and I am sure the theme will touch all of your hearts as well. Coming 26 days of April I have challenged myself to write a fictional story woven in the 26 alphabets. It is " A love story", in these 26 days I will introduce you to the life of two very different people Meer and Meera, how the story moves and ends, for now, even I don't have a clue,  seems we all have to read it through.

Stay tuned for an almost real yet fictional, almost predictable yet unpredictable, seen yet unseen, heard yet never heard of, story of two hearts.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

A2Z blogging Challenge announcement post #April #AtoZ

I made a plan for 2017 and it was to be more organized, plan and implement. The planning is done to a certain level but implementation is lagging and how!

But one thing that I zeroed on was the April AtoZ Blogging Challenge and this is my announcement post for April AtoZ Blogging Challenge 2017.

2016 was my first year and I am so glad that I participated and completed it. I had a great support system in form of my beautiful BLOGCHATTER community. There were constant cheers which motivated to carry on.

As it was my first I read many blogs on “how-to” and “what-to” and so had a checklist of my own. I read that the posts should be short so that maximum people can read it in rush and so stuck to shorter posts.

All this reading made me think and I came up with the theme “Memoirs“ for my 2016 April AtoZ Blogging Challenge. It was all last minute but love it was.

The BLOGCHATTER community not only motivated all along but had a terrific action plan as well.  There was a mentor for each group. And as and when one was stuck someone was there to help get through. We were even rewarded on completion :)) A beautiful #rangroute journal <3

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We were encouraged to make our very own e-book and yay!! I did compile some of the posts into an e-book - The wink, The smiles and The butterflies :)

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This year it is going to be bigger and better. I may go beyond shorter posts :)
I have already set a theme in my mind, will go for an e-book and also putting it up on wattpad :) :)

Theme reveal 2017 will be up on March 20, Stay Tuned!!