Thursday, 14 January 2016

My Dil goes mmmmmmmmmmm........ #kowthas #dailychatter

January 14th

What to say, what to write....should I write or not, I guess it was just meant to write today.

I was wanting to write for the blogchatter today as the topic was, to elaborate on something beautiful that happened today. What a lovely though indeed. I was all smiles from morning itself after all positivity attracts more positivity. Work is the most beautiful thing for any workaholic so be it.

Well not so good start early in the morning at office. But as the day progressed it went on from good to better to best.

In midst of so many interactions and negotiations I realised today that I am way too strong than I think I am. I have always admired people for their convincing skills and today I may not have impressed anyone but I impressed myself and how!! Closing deals are a daily chore for any marketer, but then you close a big deal without budging that is what makes you confident of your skills.

Even more beautiful was ......your unrequited love calling you to ask why you haven’t read the messages yet (mind you, we are talking about only work related messages....but someone did check on my online status ;)) and my mind starts its *happy dance* *happy dance* ;* :*

*Post is part of January blogathon by #blogchatter as a #dailychatter
14th Jan 2016 , what's the most beautiful thing that happened to you today.

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