Wednesday, 26 April 2017


It had been about a month that Meer had gone to Bangalore. Meera was yet again heartbroken today. She was vulnerable to every possible comment now a days. She decided to put on her strong, determined, rude girl grab and secluded herself from social engagements.

She engrossed herself in work again and constantly reminded herself of her goal and not to loose focus. Still she had sleepless nights. But the nights were not just sleepless they were accompanied with her soundless wails and cries.

She felt sad about being single, she felt sad about having no friend to cry on, she felt sad about everything going around, she felt miserable as she couldn't see a future for herself. She was vulnerable but strong enough not to let this make her depressed and go on a wrong path and end everything. She had her family to support and ending her life won't help them.

Meer and Meera had a unique relationship. They had distance between them, they spoke less frequently yet they knew what the other wanted. Meer used to tell her about his ex and his relationships and she knew sometimes it was to make her jealous but at others how's just being himself with her.

He was a self-made man and constantly learning and improving himself and this was what he taught her as well. He had shifted to Bangalore but recently he called and shared all the happenings with her. She wanted to call him more often but he did say once that she is getting possessive and he may stop speaking to her if she will irritate him more.

On some vulnerable points Meera did message him.. Miss you… and he replied…. I know.

Meera was taken aback because she expected some reprise but all she got was a narcissistic reply. She knew when Meer used to have a good time, he was never cautious with her but when he was sad he'll cajole her, pamper her. Part of Meera’s vulnerability was her own responsibility. She did let herself loose and gave so much importance to him.

She had to take these teachings and work on herself, for self. Just one message brought her back to senses. She had entirely forgotten what she had decided when Meer left. She had forgotten the game she would like to play. So, here she became the pleasant, charming personality she aspired for. She was now open to people and people were attracted to her.

She was going out and almost wherever she went she knew all eyes seemed her. There were man approaching her and at times she will lead them on for as long as she wanted and then gently or at times rudely break it off. She knew she had to shun the vulnerability and enjoy what life offers. More so, she wanted to have stories to tell Meer, it was not just him who had it all.

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