Wednesday, 12 April 2017

The Juggler!!

Meer reached the office just on time and sighed logging in on his desktop. He went through the mails from the previous day, having offshore clients always meant a good number of communication during night.

He leaned back in his chair and took a look around office, all were busy in their morning ritual of mail checking and reverts. Through the corner of his eye he saw her...his Ex. She too was engrossed in her work and Meer wanted to tease her. Actually Meer wanted to grab her to a corner and kiss her but he couldn't.

He went to her and asked for coffee and breakfast but she refused. He insisted but she didn't agree. Meer grabbed her with her elbow and took her to canteen. He could see her smiling shyly as they walked along. Their breakfast turned out to lasting till lunch. Meer was amazed with himself. He loved himself even more. She was laughing on all his jokes casually touching his arm at times. Perfect moment, the other guy was on leave for few days. His charm was working, he can get any girl to do what he wants.

As they moved towards their desk post lunch, Meer just casually hinted they should stay for sometime more and have evening tea and she was all smiles. They were looking into each other's eyes when they were halted mid step by their boss. Meer knew things are going to get dirty now. He signalled her to go to her seat and the volley of sarcasm started between him and his boss.

They had put quite a show for the entire office and finally went to their respective seats. Each mumbling under his breath. Meer was very furious, he was so happy when he got to office and this guy had to ruin it for him. How does it matter to him, he is already looking for a new job but she matters. He looked across to her, she was again bent over her desk. All through the evening she didn't once glance at him.

Meer messaged her and she said it is better they maintain their distance in office. Meer wanted to go out with her but she didn't want to go out today. He was dejected but he can have his way out.

Meer called Meera.Meer knew he could juggle well.

Meera had been waiting for his call since 4 days. She jumped with joy looking at his number. She said an all smiles hello on receiving the call. Meer started off with his sweet nothings and Meera reciprocated well. She did show her annoyance of not speaking since days and he easily pacified her telling about the amount of work. He sounded tired and was seeking solace in her and she did as he said, they'll be meeting tonight. A master juggler :)


  1. Sounds like they'll make a good couple, although something seems a bit too smooth about Meer. Looking forward to what's next!