Monday, 10 April 2017

History and the High Horses!!

Meer and Meera were sitting on Meer's bike and having coffee. It had become their usual hangout, meeting at the drive-in cafe after work for coffee. Somehow Meera was still not very comfortable with Meer to open her heart out about everything. She herself didn't know why maybe it was because she still didn't trust him.

Most of the times the way Meer used to look at her while talking she used to feel he is testing her or judging her. She couldn't be sure of what it was.

All of a sudden Meera’s thought trail was broken by Meer’s sigh, she looked at him with concern and he smirked and said, “ you know I really had to meet you today”.

Meera (all smiles) - “ Why?? You missed me a lot??”

Meer - “Not exactly… actually today again my ex called.”

Meera was taken aback yet said - “So??? “

Meer - “So….. I never told you about her right? She was my first and last love. I really loved her but she ditched me for one of my friend....colleague, ofcourse he never was a friend.”

Meera - “You two used to work together “

Meer - “The three of us still work together. “

Meera could sense her anger rising. - “ So what do you mean she called.”

Meer - “ I meant she called after office. In office I had a small tiff with another person and then I was on my way to meet you and she called. “

Meera - “ Sorry I am lost. What you want to say? “

Meer - “Hmmmm… she called to say she felt bad for me and didn't like the way I reacted, she cared and then as we shared our feelings she tried to calm me down. She even told me how she was having some trouble in her relationship and asked for my help.”

Meer could sense by now Meera was not happy hearing any of it. Still he went ahead. In a way he wanted to see her reaction but more so he wanted to see what this girl was all about. Is she really worth the chase. Somehow today he was having some different thoughts altogether.

Meer kept on talking about his past and his girlfriend, how she looks and how she behaved.  Meera just listened. Meera knew everybody has a history but she also believed one has to get over with it.

Meer insisted that she had to look at his girlfriend’s pictures to which Meera refused angrily. It was getting too much for her. She was confused about her feelings but deep down there were some feelings and she knew she was getting attached to him. Meer still pressed on - “I don't like to show her pictures to anyone, everyone says she is cute and it hurts me more”.

Meera lost it - “ I am not Interested “.

Meer was all complacent and smiled. He knew his history is fire. Infact he is on fire right now, his ex is coming closer and this new girl is also falling hard for him. Finally he has achieved what he was trying to all these years.

Meer always envied the good looking guys who had money, huge cars, a lavish style and more than one girl to go about with. And now...Meer was heading for the same, maybe money was still not there but he was already on a lookout for a new job. His old flame was realizing her mistake of leaving him and the new chick, was finding him irresistible already.

He has achieved his high!! He has girls going crazy for him and he can make them do whatever he wants to….

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