Monday, 3 April 2017

Boy oh Boy!!

I get ready as usual but hey no! this is the first time I am going to meet a client in person. It was OK to be wearing a shirt and my only blue tie with shorts and interact on Skype but it may not work here.
Let's see,  so a white shirt is for sure and where are my khaki pants, awesome! it needs to be ironed and fast. I am on my bike towards the location.

The place my boss mentioned is in a residential area. I have never been there will have to take a few directions. I reached the square as he mentioned and there was a Gurudwara, nothing so was mentioned by my boss. I decided to ask someone there about the address and they told me that I need to go straight and take a right and it is in the same colony.

As I took the same I actually reached somewhere unexpected. I thought of the place to be a residential area but with apartments and maybe row houses but this colony has huge and I mean HUGE bungalows.

This side of Pune I had never ever seen before. These are palatial bungalows, each one more beautiful and larger than life. Boy oh boy!! Where am I! Is this the same Pune that I know of. It is majestic. The entire Lane is covered with lush green trees offering a shade from the sun.

The bungalows on both sides have huge gates and walls taller than my 6.2” frame no chance anyone can get a glimpse of the inside. I was totally awestruck and forgot that I had to reach a particular place but kept on looking at the beautiful bungalows till I got to the end of the row. There I decided to take a look at the address and if it really was the right place.

I ventured back as the place nah! Bungalow mentioned was in the middle. I parked my bike and as I was about to enter I saw mine was the only bike on the pavement. There were no other cars or bikes around. That means my boss is yet not here. Instead of walking in, with my laptop satchel around and clad in executive formals and being thrown out on the assumption of being a salesman, I think It's better to wait for the boss.

As I waited for him I checked his message again and read and re-read it. Every time that I read it I was only able to picture a residential colony with several small to medium sized apartments, and housed in one such apartment a startup. Boy oh boy!! What was I thinking….


  1. I read this alone first... then went back and read you Anchor post. Nice going... waiting to see where this 27 year old man takes himself to. :)

  2. Tell me it was Koregaon Park!! The description is exactly like that! And you've given me some serious throwback!


  3. Interesting story raising curiosity about what happened next and what was the message
    thanks for sharing :) Bloom up Your Motherhood – What to expect during the First trimester of Pregnancy

    1. Hopefully the message will get to the right place

  4. thats a start up in palace! i want to be in there too.