Thursday, 13 April 2017

The Stolen Kisses!!

Meera was excited to meet Meer. She finished work and rushed out of office straight to “their” spot. Meer was already waiting for her. She blushed looking at him and he was all smiles too.


Meer decided to meet Meera, it had been days. Besides his ex had again practically shunned him but it hardly matters he had a good start to the day. He thought of meeting Meera to let out his frustration. She was like a friend for him with whom he could discuss anything and plus point she was a girl. He reached “their “ spot on time and as usual Meera was late. He got furious what does she think of herself.

His anger was rising, when Meera’s car arrived. She got out of the car and her eyes scanned through the crowd for him and she blushed. Meer couldn't help but smile, she looked so cute. His teddy bear was looking all adorable today and he realized he did missed seeing her the past days.


They chatted on and ofcourse Meera was furious since he didn't respond and she had her bout of fury with him. Meer did tell her what he's going through but it didn't seem she was ready to accept it. She was listening but not agreeing. Meer was confused about his feelings. If ever any girl spoke to her like this he would have never spoken to her. But here it was this girl and she wanted to just keep looking at her.

She looked cute and the way she was behaving, she looked like a child today instead of the all-sorted- Miss-know-all. He was drawn to her, her voice, her eyes, her nose, she was looking beautiful.

Meer had few things to say, he was not even able to show his anger because somehow he didn't know if he's angry or frustrated or mesmerized by her. And It was about time to leave.

Meera was a touch-me-not type of girl but Meer had got her to agree on a goodbye hug. He could still remember the way she trembled the very first time he hugged her. Over time she had become comfortable and hugged him with love, he can feel it in her embrace.

While seeing her off, they hugged but Meer didn't want to let her go today. He held her close and just kept looking at her face. She blushed again and embraced him tightly. Meer loved this feeling the way she fits her tiny body perfectly into his masculine physique, and the way she rubs her nose on his chest.

He kissed her on her head and she looked up. He drew her closer in and she kissed him on cheek. Meer was surprised and so was she.

Meera quickly removed his arms and ran towards her car. Meer managed to hold her hand and drew her closer in.

And they kissed, they kissed and kissed, ever more passionately, as if this was the elixir for their lives. They were insatiable since long but today is going to change it all.

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