Saturday, 22 April 2017

Seven Hundred....and thirty four

“The aerial distance from Pune to Bangalore is 734 kms while the road distance is 844 by train it is 905 km. There is/are 20 direct trains” Google as Meera searched for the distance between Pune and Bangalore.

Meera and Meer had the best time of their lives. Meera didn't know about Meer but she had fallen hard for him. She loved him and as they say in love you don't see any wrong. She knew he didn't love her, as he often said he wanted an open relationship or having fun till it lasts. Meera and Meer had a passionate night together but after that Meera started to avoid Meer.

They did spoke a couple of times on phone and she either tried to avoid serious discussions or just got angry on something trivial and hung up. He did ask her to meet a couple of times but Meera refused giving one or the other excuse.

Their relationship had always been of no strings attached yet there for each other whenever needed. But somehow Meera wanted comfort, care which she tried to seek out of Meer but never got. The physical proximity could never take over the emotional proximity and Meer never really tried to get attached to her emotionally.

Meer always acting Mr.-know-it-all was all confident he knew what Meera is deep down. The more he got to know her and the more she did as he said, the more he started to undermine her. He started to ridicule her in jest, stopped appreciating her or complimenting her.

Meera got quiet about everything. She didn't liked the way Meer was behaving and she was too much in love to actually break all ties from him. She started maintaining her distance. Eventually there talks decreased yet their was no bitterness.

It was hard for Meera to not speak to him everyday but she resisted the temptation. For Meer it was ok because he laid the rules for an open relationship. He called her when he wanted and they will speak for sometime. He knew how to emotionally use her and he did. At times she used to get angry but he used to woo her with false sweet nothings and all will be normal. Besides he had his freedom from the usual… what's up?, did you had dinner?... rubbish.

Today Meer texted Meera...I am going.

No Hi no Hello just plane I am going. Meera was taken aback and asked him to elaborate. He told her, that he got a new job and is shifting to Banglore.

All throughout Meera was so lost in her life that she forgot that he was on his ninety days notice period. They used to talk about work and life in the initial days but it had stopped. Now she didn't know when he applied, when interviewed, she was actually not part of his life.

Meer was going away and maybe they will never meet ever again. Her heart just sank. She was shattered. They were never together but this was separation altogether for her. She avoided meeting him almost a month and now he is going away aerial distance 734 kms while the road distance is 844 and by train it is 905 km. Now she can't see him, she won't be able to control herself on seeing him go. She can't say goodbye to him in person.

They spoke on phone for hours, separation is hard. Meer had been very sweet with her today. He calmed her down, made her understand things he thought she should know and work upon for her future.

Meera’s world had once again crumbled. She was thoughtless and lifeless again. Only one thing was going on in her mind 734 kms… hundred… seven hundred.

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