Saturday, 8 April 2017

The Glow

This was the first time that Meera was late for the office, yet she skipped the elevator for the stairs. She had a special jaunt in her walk.

As she saw her cabin from the distance, Meer was right, Managing Director Meera sounded cool indeed. The same time Meera overheard two girls from her staff, - “ Ma'am has such a glow on her face these days “.

As usual Meera wanted to snap at them for gossiping around but today she was too happy to do so. She checked her reflection on the glass door…...yes....she was glowing.

Meera never thought she will ever feel so. Meera loved the romantic movies and romantic novels and always dreamt of living the same. She was her father's princess but love was not on her platter yet...but not anymore.

When Meera had first met Meer she didn't feel any butterflies in her stomach or heard any songs in her head because all she thought of was the deal she was there for. Maybe this was what was meant to be or how her fairytale was meant to be. She is the modern day Princess and they run in high heels around the corporate corridors, taking strategic discussions and the relevant decisions. The princess's kingdom is her office and her role is to keep achieving milestone after milestone.

And one day, the princess meets a prince who acknowledges her intelligence and values her opinion. He accepts that she was never the damsel in distress and rode her own horse and these are the things he love her for. Meer was all this and more. He had his own style of showing his love for her-- He discussed with her on all issues from politics to economics, he shared what he was going through and what he further planned to do, he was openly seeking her opinions on his plans and what he can or cannot do, what all possibilities can be sought out, he held her car doors for her, when at his office at coffee time, he'll pour coffee for her or lightly remove a strand of hair from her face while she was engrossed in work or the early morning texts, he was the reason for her GLOW.

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