Monday, 24 April 2017

The Therapeutic Teachings

Meer was enjoying his new job. The new city, new life, new environment.  He was more ecstatic as while moving to Bangalore from Pune he had gained immense confidence. The reason for his confidence was Meera. He had liked Meera instantly, maybe because he was charmed by her aura or because at that point of time he knew he needed an anchor.
He was dejected and he needed someone or something to pull him up or atleast not let him sink. Meera came as a breath of fresh air and brought some new flowers too. The flowers he'll always cherish. He got more confident, he knew what he wanted, he also knew how to get what he wanted especially from girls.

The smart, work oriented, independent Meera that he had liked was deep down a girl - silly, possessive and easily manipulated. But if that's what that is he was okay with having his share of fun.

His times with Meera were therapeutic and calmed him down more. He got a better idea about women and now knew how to apply those teachings to the life ahead. Life in today's world is fast and people run away from emotions but want instant gratification, be it spiritual or sexual. Meer was set to get both now on.


Meera was heartbroken. After years she had open her heart for a man, despite him being nothing she ever yearned and he had also gone. She already knew he was looking for a new job and at max has 3 or so months but she never took it seriously because Meer never talked much about it.

What hurt her most was he just left her a message… I Am Going. When she called she got to know the details and after that they just spoke once more because it was her birthday. It was Meera’s first birthday after Meer and she got together. Meera expected a call in morning or a call to say let's meet but neither. He just called later in the evening and wished her, never met, still being in the same city.

Meera was emotional but this gave her a teaching she will never forget - Never trust anyone with your heart, nobody will ever handle it with care. Meer did leave many teachings for her about today's world and the people.

She knew people look only for themselves. They strive for what they want seldom thinking how the other must have felt. Nobody thinks of emotional attachment it is sheer give and take. It was as if emotions are a thing of past.

All this did make her change but she still believed in the fairytale love. She was now more confident about what men want and she was ready to make them dance as she liked. She was open to experiment and experience and explore the human kind. She found a therapeutic game of predicting the other's move. But what she learned and cherished was to Love herself and people loved her too, reasons can be any.

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