Friday, 21 April 2017


Meer was happy he desired a girl and not just met her, spent time with her but also got to spend an entire night with her. He was happier because since days he was working on wanting something and making it happen and he was able to achieve so.

More than happy he was getting restless too. Not that he wanted to meet Meera but because he had decided he will not call her for a while. So it had been 2 days that he didn't call her, reason being she was getting emotional and their night together may make her more attached to him. For him there was no future for their relationship and he was clear about it and she agreed as well.

But he could see it in her eyes that she cares for him. Her words were always full of concern for him. She desired him but never on cost of hurting him and she always agreed to what he said. He always wanted to credit it all to his charm but he knew part of it was she as a person gentle and kind. But he was restless as even she didn't call him. He thought has she taken the concept of open relationship a way too forward and now forgotten her own old self and completely changed. Has she forgotten him so easily or got over him already?


Meera was restless, it had been two days and Meer hadn't called. Meera could call him but she didn't. She knew he would not like it. He was all for open relationship and she agreed to that. So there is no place for emotions in an open relationship. Though she was ecstatic, she had the glow she never wanted to let go. She felt safe in his embrace and had no care about the world. The world had stilled for her in that one night.

She knew she wanted to speak to him and everytime she held her phone would just look at his picture and keep it aside. She was restless but knew it well he wouldn't like her restlessness. For him, she shouldn't call.


  1. That's how everyone fee;s while waiting for calls!


  2. Ah! The classic situation of call or not to call.! Communication is always key, in any relationship. Your post portrayed this fact quite nicely. :)

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