Sunday, 6 December 2015

Aagaz ho-------

When I was younger being one of the lucky ones to be on the leaner side of the weight meter I always thought I was fat. I ate whatever I wanted and made an extra effort that it never showed on my body with my favourite exercise -Walking.

Now I am 30 and don't know how
The cheeks got chubbier
legs started looking stout
Waistline gave way to love handles
And everytime I try to ignore it in a wave I can't ignore the extra bulge waving back from my arm.

As the last month of the year has approached and another year is going to add on to my age 😁 its decided I need to lose weight.... Nah!!  INCHES... INCHES it is.

Starting today I am going to watch what I eat and maybe jog or walk or dance a bit. Why I am writing this is because on retrospection I found this saga started way back in 2011 and laziness is the main culprit for taking 4 years to make me notice.

So now when everyone around is motivating me on looking good with this extra bounce I am going on Self Motivation track and lose inch by inch.

Been my-phone+wifi lover, I did a lot of research on losing it (sans doing it...) and found writing and making people know that you are upto losing weight is a great way to keep you at it. In short it's good to keep a diary of what you eat and what you don't, whether you move that butt or don't.

I think it's a good idea to have a diary and better one, an online diary as it helps me achieving two things
1) It'll help me motivate myself to exercise and
2) To write....Maybe daily

So Aagaz ho ---------
                            Stand up BUM!!

So to start with, the body measurements are done...and I am not giving you the stats. As I am working 6 days a week 10 hours everyday that too a desk job I know I'll have to squeeze in a lot of changes.
And let me tell you I am not going to enroll myself to any gym or course this is going to be a complete DIY.

I am going to take it slowly, bhai naukri se chutti thode milti hai, so aaj ka agenda done with
Walk for 1 hour
Brisk walk for 10 minutes

Happy with myself I feasted on bread and butter 😛..after all need to manage without managing much of the eating part.

Let's see for tomorrow

P.S. Dad got chocolates for me..... 😐😐