Tuesday, 15 December 2015

What i cannot do without #blogchatter #prompt

Ever wondered what is that thing/things without which you just cannot sustain?? I know many things must be coming to your mind like
Food etc etc.....

Or some may wander beyond things like
Knowledge etc etc....

Or the people we are dependent on
Kids etc etc

When I sat down to think what I cannot do without almost all of these came to my mind. It made me think I am sucha crazy materialistic senti kid. It was then that I zeroed onto someone real specific. Someone who
@ helps me first to understand the problem, come with a solution and take corrective steps to ensure that it is not repeated.
@ teases me to make things light but stands in front of me if someone else starts getting hurtful.
@ gives words to my scattered thoughts.
@ makes me learn by experimenting.
@ pushes me to think
@ sets benchmark on working constantly and consistently
@ asks to think positive
@ to understand people and their capabilities
@ to read between the lines
@ teaches me to exemplify by my actions
@ overall moulds me into a better person

Almost all of my life that I have lived till date I always searched for one. But it was this prompt that made me understand that I have found him, maybe not exactly like I had in my mind but exactly like it should have been. WHAT I CANNOT DO WITHOUT Is -- "My Mentor". He is my mentor and whatever I am today has been because of him and maybe I won't be able to grow better sans him

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  1. We always have that someone... maybe God or an elder but a person we can bank upon..