Sunday, 31 July 2016

The selling stories #Day8 #halfmarathon

A picture speaks more than a 1000 words.

Depicting a story with an image is always powerful and so is trying to create images.

Talking about sales, service sales to be precise, it is very important to create images in the customer's mind to make a deeper connection. Selling of services is harder as one can't quantify anything or showcase the service quality. In such a case if one uses imagination and tries to create image in customer's mind by correlating the same with anything of relevance to the customer it leaves an impression.

Best of all everyone loves to imagine because imagination can be anything and everything that one actually desires.

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  1. Interesting one
    Customer is king of market and satisfying him means goal achieved

  2. Kadambari, this series is rocking! I have a marketing background but I never worked in marketing, nor gave it much attention, but now as a writer whose revolves in the Digital space I have come to grasp the importance of marketing. Also, we have our own online services startup, so I am going to make use of the valuable tips from this entire 'Selling Stories' series! Thanks Kadambari!!

  3. Yes, agreed! It gives a connect to the customer's mind and make it easier to convert that into transaction.