Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The selling stories #Day4 #halfmarathon

Mostly in off season the sales flow is low. The general response from the team is - we are trying everything but no one is coming or people are delaying it. Well like every business, sales too moves in cycles. So if there are busy days there are bound to be easy days. The important thing is to OBSERVE.

One needs to be vigilant of the verbal and non-verbal. Let the person reveal himself. Observe the mindset and the customize and personalise as per his need.

If one observes closely one can easily find the tipping point. That tipping point is the soul of the deal. If one can click on the tipping point the deal is yours if not today in the days to come but it surely is a success.

Hence observation is the key to all. The more one observes the more easy it gets to get to the finish.

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