Friday, 15 July 2016

The curtain raiser #halfmarathon

Blogging or no blogging but yes I do think blogging either ways. This year ofcourse I am blogging more than ever. First tried my hand at January Blogathan of as much as I could but the biggest challenge was the April A2Z Challenge and I am so proud of completing it.

The more you write the more sorted and self aware you become. These past months centred me. I can say I know myself better now.

But the lasy bee that I am, blogging always takes a back seat. I think like other things I always seek a challenge to perform or else I don't do anything even when I can. So fabulously another challenge caught my eye - the July #halfmarathon.

Starting from today counting down the last 15 days you will be witnessing posts every weekday - Sundays are bliss! Theme, no theme, what I am going to write, same like I like or trying something different, catch on to know it all.

Say Aye to the curtain raiser.....

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